So, I guess this means I have a blog?

Starting a blog is just one of the many things I have been wanting to do for a long time but, for one reason or another, have not yet. Well, that day has come and here I am, blogging-world! I had to finally get over the intimidation and pretentiousness of having an 'official' blog and decide that, more than anything else, this is simply a way for me to compile thoughts, memories, photos, and glimpses of all the things I love in one pretty place. I have always been sentimental and I love to write. I have kept journals my whole life and boxes of keepsakes that have a special meaning to me. I've had to convince myself that a 'blog' (honestly, could they have picked an uglier word?) is really just the 21st century version of the same idea!

But, where to begin? I am having flashbacks of cracking the cover of a brand-new journal and staring down at the first page, hesitant yet anxious to put pen-to-paper and start my first entry. Although my journals were always kept private, I always felt the need to introduce myself at the beginning of each book, just in case it gets buried in a foreign desert or lost at sea and someone happens upon it forty years from now and they become so intrigued by my adolescent ramblings that they long to know who the author is! So, maybe even as a child I over-thought this kind of thing way too much. I would spend hours contemplating not only what I would write in my journal, but how... would it read like a story? A prayer? A memoir? A scrapbook? This was not a commitment to be taken lightly! Alas, to date, not a single one of my journals possesses any great historic value, nor have any been lost at sea, but there is something so romantic and personal about them that encourages the reckless daydreamer in us all!

So maybe no one will stumble upon my blog years from now in hopes of gleaning details of a long-lost world of old. Perhaps this amounts to nothing more than a place for me to harbor my thoughts and memories of my every day, fairly quiet, somewhat ordinary life and my cat is my biggest fan. I don't know the exact path it may take and I see no real destination in sight, but what I do know is that I hope to fill the 'pages' of my new journal with all the little things I love. I know that I love antiques, art, our adorable dog Arthur, cooking, crafting, my darling husband Dan, decorating, daydreaming, eating, family, friends, gardening, our lovely cat Logan, music, movies, photography, reading, traveling and growing in my relationship with our Lord, so you (or I! ) can expect to see lots of these things here! Thanks for coming by and joining me in my little rustique retreat! Hope to see you soon!

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