Taking things slow without really trying

This Saturday morning is all about taking things slow. It's about sleeping in and staying in bed after waking up from the sunlight pouring in through the shades. It's about a long, warm shower and spending an few extra minutes taking in the sweet smells of soap and shampoo. This Saturday morning is about making coffee with a French press and taking the time to enjoy breakfast. It's about getting outside for a long walk with the dog and letting him stop and smell all the roses (or dirt and tree trunks...after all it's winter in Colorado). It's about wandering the aisles of the library or seeing a matinee or finishing that project from a few weeks ago. Sometimes, without even realizing it, those slow-to-start Saturday mornings are really some of the most productive... I mean, just look at all the things we 'accidentally' did already today! Hope you too are able to take some time to sit back, relax,  and settle into a surprisingly un-lazy day of your own.

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