If I had a farmhouse...

Yesterday afternoon Dan and I spent a few hours driving through the uncharted territory at the northernmost edge of Boulder County... aka the settlements known as Longmont, Berthoud, and Hygiene, Colorado. Aside from having three of the most unattractive names in the entire Rocky Mountain region... (Colorado seems to have a knack for that... )... we were really surprised to find both quaint, historic neighborhoods with wide, tree-lined streets and Victorian bungalows and sprawling countryside estates, complete with picket fences and charming barns. Needless to say... we were awestruck! Our heartstrings were singing symphonies! At every turn we would each point out opposite windows and shout over one another: "look at that one!", "look at that barn!", "Look! Horses!!".

We had no map, no agenda, no destination- we would just wind our way up and down the streets or set off in a general direction, turning down dirt roads as we came upon them. Our mini adventure did nothing to stop our imaginations from running wild and everything to affirm the desire in our hearts to one day have a cottage on a little bit of land- nothing big and fancy, just enough space for us to have a vegetable garden, a porch that we can watch thunderstorms from, a little barn for our menagerie of animals and a garage where Dan can do boy things like build furniture and change the oil in our cars.

 I get lost daydreaming about our future homes- one day I could have my heart set on living by the beach in a 800sq ft bungalow on a hill, near a bustling part of town with the best bakery and sushi restaurant within walking distance. The next day, I can picture us in an old ranch home on a couple acres of land in the middle of nowhere with unobstructed views of the mountains. I dream of living all over the world and trying new things- seeing what makes tiny towns and busy cities so unique. Dan always teases me when I present him with a new idea of 'something I'd love in our house someday' by asking, "Is this for the house we live in now, or our beach house, or our ranch house, or is this for the grass hut in Mexico where we'll drink smoothies and eat fish tacos all day?". Well, Dan, and everyone else reading... to answer the question: these are just a few of my favorite ideas for that little farmhouse that we just may, one day, call our own. Enjoy!

(I've been collecting these photos for literally the past few years so I don't have the exact websites for them, but if you happen to see something of yours- let me know...and I'll let you know how much I love it!)

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edyoucate said...

Hey Hailey! I'm getting in to this blog thing & checked yours out. Cute! I LOVED this post. Just had to tell you~