Kiss Me, I'm Kiwi!

Not only has this little collection of cute & colorful finds arrived just in time for St. Patrick's Day but it has also been inspired by our upcoming adventure to the land down under! That's right mates, today's a 'lucky' day for all things... 


Oops... sorry cute lil guy, I didn't mean the bird kind...

...but the juicy, yummy, fruity kind (and all it's other delightful manifestations)! There seems to be no lovelier shade of this lively hue- after all green is the color of new life. From the Old English word "growan", it's name literally means "to grow", in reference to plants or the ocean. Take a peak at a few of the ways this chloro-filled palette makes a grand entrance in some everyday goodies! 
(Just don't forget to wear a little kiwi-accessory of your own... or those pesky pincher's will find ya!)

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Everyone!!!

(and a lovely lil' birthday to yours truly, indeed!) 

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