Stop and see the roses

Simply sweet, soft, shy shades of pretty, pale pink caught my eye this week. 
While walking around the neighborhood, I've noticed the first few signs of new life as we are nearing the official start of Spring. Tiny pink buds are forming on barren branches and little curly sprouts are pushing their way out of the earth. I have even seen the first clusters of honey bees anxiously buzzing around, waiting to get back to work for their queen. Spring is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts, and a sweet reminder that life endures. Just when we feel like we can't stand another day of Winter and we are desperate for a sign of hope, Spring gently reveals herself in subtle ways that we can easily overlook if we're not careful. This collection is inspired by the sweetest palette of dusty, rosey, whisper pinks that have worked their way into pieces of everyday life.
This afternoon I encourage you to simply stop, smell the roses, and see if you can spy hints of Spring where you least expect them to be!


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