Monday's Music to My Ears: Colorado Girl

This Monday I wanted to share a sweetly simple song by one of the most talented folk singer/songwriters I've heard. His voice is certainly an acquired taste and his melodies are basic, but the true power of Townes Van Zandt's music lies within his gritty, soulful lyrics which tell stories of love, loneliness, and longing that we can all relate to. "Colorado Girl" is one of my favorite songs of his, and while there is nothing flashy or even catchy about it, I can't help but wish it were written about me. I must have played it half a dozen times during our recent drive from California to Denver (sorry Dan!). It was the perfect soundtrack as we wound our way through the Rocky Mountains and watched the sparkling Mile High City lights come into view.

Townes Van Zandt, "Colorado Girl"

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Charlene said...

I love setting a moment aside to soak up your music, your words, and your creativity. You are annointed with a gift of writing and your blog inspires me. Love & Peace beautiful daughter. Thank you for sharing your gift.