Back on the Ranch...

My other self lives somewhere in the Sierra Nevada's, surrounded by wilderness as far as her eyes can see. The most captivating sunsets blaze across the sky every night. She gets up early, when the red dirt is still cool and birds call to each other signaling the break of daylight, to saddle up her horse for a morning ride along dusty trails that lead to the best sunrise vantage point around.

She counts the foxes, ground squirrels, lizards, and rabbits that scatter from the path ahead. She glances down at the toes of her favorite boots, which were once her mother's, and notices the places they're worn. She breathes deeply, inhaling the smell of a southwestern morning and can almost taste the coffee that is surely waiting for her back home on the ranch.

My other self dresses like this:

...and lives here:

 ...and she's certainly one fabulous, rough and tumble, fashionable lil' lady!

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