Monday's Music to My Ears: Heaven When We're Home ~Happy Mother's Day!~

" It's a long and rugged road
and we don't now where it's headed
But we know it's going to get us where we're going
And when we find what we're looking for
we'll drop these bags and search no more
'Cuz it's going to feel like heaven when we're home
It's going to feel like heaven when we're home "
~the Wailin' Jennys

   In light of Mother's Day yesterday I wanted to share a song by an extremely talented group of women, The Wailin' Jennys, whose angelic harmonies and hollow acoustics blend to create a unique, transcendent folk-bluegrass-gospel sound. I have been a fan of their music for a while but this song in particular is my very favorite- if I were to pick just one. I added it to a "mix tape" (cd) playlist I made my mom a few years ago, around the time I moved 1,000 miles away from home. Every time I listen to it, I think of my mom and the home she built for my family. 

   I am so blessed to have such an amazing, strong, generous, selfless, thoughtful, sensitive, courageous, passionate, and creative woman as my mother- she truly touches the lives of those around her in ways she may never fully know... during the time she spent volunteering in my elementary school classrooms (and: chaperoning dances, making banners by hand for every soccer team, driving us back and forth from various extracurriculars, staying up all night to help sew Holloween costumes and finish book reports )...  to the countless hours she has devoted to caring for the elderly and physically-challenged members of the community. She doesn't bat an eye if someone desperately calls her seeking a last-minute favor and she has never once turned down an offer for work- she has always been willing to learn new things and commits herself 110% to everything she does. She has beat odds; overcome obstacles; and kept on going. 

    I can honestly say that I have never met someone with a heart as big as my mom's- and while I attempt every year to pen my appreciation for her in the blank spaces of greeting cards- I can never fully express all I want to say to her. After all, there are some things that simply are not meant to be 'put into words'. I am so proud {humbled/in awe/grateful} to say that I love her because of the mom she is and has been for me; she is not "my best friend" or "like a sister" to me... she is my mom- the mom God knew that I would need. It breaks my heart to see her cry and her laughter is one of my absolute favorite sounds in the world. I love that I have her hands and 'old Indian woman feet'. She nurtured my compassion for animals and she taught me to love all living things. In those moments; those memories; my mom was not only helping me grow up/ into the woman I would become- she was establishing the roots of our family (our home); and I am yet to find another place quite like it. 

   So this song is for my mom, and your mom, and any one who has helped to make "home" everything you know, and love, it to be. That place you can picture when you close your eyes; that feels like heaven~ no matter where we have been. 

The Wailin' Jennys, "Heaven When We're Home"

Thank You Mom.
I love you. 

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