Monday's Music to My Ears: Mango Tree

When I was little I used to love to pretend. I built an imaginary stable in my backyard, complete with imaginary arenas, tack rooms, and of course an imaginary horse in every color. I set up jumps that I would soar over, mounted upon my imaginary horses, and make circles, galloping around the yard. I had a wooden chest that was filled to the brim with beautiful dress-up clothes... gaudy clip-on earrings, plastic "high heels", feather boas and all. I pretended I was a "fairy-princess-bride", which was my official Halloween costume more than once. Pretending is like lying right to reality's face...and it's amazing.

What happens to pretending as we grow up? Well, it sure as heck doesn't go away! Instead it often rears it's head in a much less fluffy, glittery, sugary way and get's mistaken for words like pride, fear, and shame. Shame on you (and me!) for taking the fun and innocence out of this creative outlet and for making it all stiff and serious and adulty. So instead of "pretending" that we can afford the things we own or to be something we're not... let's all pretend to be fairy-princess-brides that ride imaginary horses; who's to say we're not?!

But for now, let's start small, to get our pretending legs back. I'll go first. I'm going to pretend it's Monday (not Wednesday) and that this blog post was right on time. So I hope you're all enjoying this lovely Monday and that this sweet song brings a smile to your afternoon!  (see, isn't that easy?)

Mango Tree, Angus & Julia Stone

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