Monday's Music to My Ears: Crazy

To say that I am a little excited for the Ray Lamontage/ Brandi Carlile show at RedRocks this coming Friday is the understatement of the year! It will be my fourth time hearing Brandi live, and seeing Ray perform has been one of my heart's desires for over half a decade! There will be joy, there will be tears, there will be love, there will be cheers...  Alas, Friday is still four full days away, which means today is Monday and this beautiful rendition of Gnarles Barkley's "Crazy" (yup, you heard me!) by Ray is simply beautiful Music to My Ears! If you are like me and struggle with practicing self control, you won't be able to stop at just one video...so to spare the restless searching, I've added a bonus vid. of Ray and Damien Rice performing "To Love Somebody" (Janis Joplin) live! You're welcome. Happy Monday to you all!

"Crazy", Ray Lamontagne
(covering Gnarles Barkley)

"To Love Somebody", Ray Lamontagne & Damien Rice
(covering Janis Joplin)

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