Monday's Music to My Ears: Elias

This past Saturday night we saw another amazing performance at the incredible RedRocks Amphitheater. We packed a picnic, put the top down, turned the tunes up and headed out to the foothills where we gathered with thousands of other fans to see the long-awaited return of Dispatch. Few bands rekindle nostalgia for the easy, care-free coastal lifestyle I grew up with like they do. I still have the mix-cd I burned (mostly from Napster...but I've made up for it, iTunes!) of their music in 8th grade, that was later a resident in my '97 magenta VW cabrio throughout highschool.  They played all of their "hits" and a few newer songs that have sneaked out during the past ten years that they were officially/unofficially "broken up".

 Although they took time away from the music scene, the Dispatch guys continued pursuing their humanitarian efforts worldwide, particularly, with communities in Africa. While working in Zimbabwe, they met up with a group of rhythm-loving African boys who call themselves Bongo Love, and have since collaborated on recordings, concerts, and fundraisers, including their epic performance at Madison Square Garden (from whence the following youtube video came). 

Funny story: A few years ago, we were renting a little crappy house in fabulous Lafayette, Colorado, just a few blocks from the little "Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts", which is a big name for a tiny, old church that was 'renovated' into a music-education center off the main road. While driving home, I read their billboard that said "Bongo Love: Saturday, 7pm", so we decided to walk over and check it out. We paid $5 at the door and another $5 for a cd in a paper case, and saw an amazing show. A year later, we were flipping through channels on tv and saw a live concert by Dispatch from 2007 (at MSG), in which they were accompanied by the very same Bongo Love group we saw with 30 people in little Lafayette, cool! Funnier still, the only reason we recognized them was by the white fringed pants the entire band was wearing. 

So here's a taste of the Dispatch we got to see this past Saturday night at Red Rocks, and the awesome bongo-beating band we stumbled upon a few years back. The song, "Elias", is dedicated to a man that the band members (from D.) met while they were in Zimbabwe. When they played him this video of them performing his song at MSG, he asked, "Wow, does the whole world know my name!?"... and that's just rad. 

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