Table~Top Terrariums!

This afternoon I finally put together a cute pair of terrariums for the little, awkward 'shelves' on either side of our 'front' door.  I picked out a few pretty succulents from a local nursery last week and found the glass hurricane containers on sale at Crate&Barrel this morning. We aren't usually able to have flowers/plants in the house because Logan (the cat) destroys and devours them in minutes, but I thought succulents would be safe because they don't have a scent or any fun petals or leaves to play with. Unfortunately, Logan discovered the plants last week and proceeded to knock all of them over onto the floor...twice. Despite their poor state, I'm hoping these little guys make a quick recovery and thrive in their sunny new homes!

Table-Top Terrariums: 
succulents: $12 for 3
hurricane glass jar: $12 
and a few handfuls of soil and spanish moss, so easy!

sad little succulents missing some limbs and leaves 

Cacti are hardy little things... hopefully they bounce back to life soon!

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