Wedding Watch: Organic Love!

Another great trend that is sprouting up in the wild world of weddings is the use of organic, natural elements in everything from dresses to decor. Organic textures, colors, patterns, shapes, and objects are finding favor over the ordinary, every-day, mass-produced nonsense that seems to be bane of every bride. 

There is good news! Step away from the floating-candles-in-a-fish-bowl, silk-flower arrangements, and tacky tulle everywhere... there are creative and cost-efficient solutions for every style, that all begin with one simple step: use what is available and beautiful on it's own! Stay away from over-the-top 'fluff', intricate patterns on every surface, and gobs of gaudy garb that distract from the simple, organic elements you can find all around you. Browse through this great set of photos below and get ready to take a walk on the wild side!

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