Monday's Music to My Ears: Look So Easy

I'm not going to lie~ I don't always handle stress super well. I have a bad habit of compartmentalizing; shutting everything out and just jumping from one thing to another without actually coming to any resolutions, until... BAM!! - I have a full-blown break down and I feel as though the whole world has crashed down around me. I'll admit I've found myself in fetal position on the floor once or twice... and I ain't proud, but it's true. But please, don't pity me... it's my poor husband that has to pick up his lump of a wife and try to decipher what is flooding her vanquished mind.

Oh sweet, courageous, wants-to-fix-everything-instantly man of mine, who looks at me with utter confusion when I explain that, "sometimes, I just need you to say 'I know baby, I'm sorry life's hard', and not try to find a solution to everything". Even if he can't see everything through my eyes or totally understand what I am feeling, it is so comforting to hear him simply say "I know"... so that I know it's not all in my head. Even when he is probably going insane trying to figure out the situation, he makes it look so easy to just "snap out of it" and move on. The voice of reason in an unreasonable world; practicality in a practically inconceivable circumstance; stability at an unstable tipping point. He challenges me like no one ever has. I love him.

This Monday's music is a sweet song by Dave Barnes called "Look So Easy"... enjoy!

( this isn't the greatest clip but the best version I could find online...let it load completely, then skip to 2:25)

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