Colorful Cottage by the Coast...

I could (and do!) spend hours daydreaming of the perfect little wood-shingled, weather-worn, cottage tucked somewhere along the coast in a simple seaside town. I picture a small front yard that is overflowing with lush layers of flowers who couldn't be happier to be rooted in rich soil where they soak up the sun for hours a day. I dream of a cute little porch where sandy feet gather and collections of seaglass, driftwood, and shells are testament to successful scouting trips along the water's edge. I see sunbleached wood that has been stripped and stained throughout years of exposure to salty ocean air. I long for a little house where friends and family could come from far away, for long weekend retreats spent sharing great food and conversation. I would love a little house that encourages us to live simply... and to simply enjoy the simpler things in life. And when that day comes...this is how I picture our little place: 

here's that front yard I told you about!
...and our means of transportation.

Our oceanfront fort for afternoon napping

an eclectic, colorful back porch

a big table for sharing meals and playing games

a teeny but cheerful kitchen nook with only the essentials

an awesome pallet daybed for midday resting or unexpected company

the house down the street we'd pass on our way to the beach, and envy for their amazing wrap-around porch and beautiful hedgerow.

(I have had some of these photos tucked away in random folders for ages~ if you see something of yours, let me know and I'll let everyone know how much I love it)

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