Quality time...

*this was supposed to be posted on Sunday but apparently never made it up, oops*
The past few months have been challenging for us due to conflicting (read: nearly opposite) work schedules and constant projects around the house. I sometimes start to play the pity card and whine about how "our whole summer has been wasted", how "we haven't had any time to just enjoy life together", and how "before we know it (well, tomorrow, to be exact) Dan is going to start school again and the little time we have now will be gobbled up, leaving not a crumb to snatch!" Wah wah wah!

Fortunately, the hub doesn't let my pity-party-for-one go on for too long... he simply reminds me that we are doing the best we can and have to try to make the most of our quality time together. But as we found out this past weekend, that is easier said/planned/anticipated than done, my friends. We decided that we would spend a few days up in Keystone for some r&r (rest and romance) and figured getting away was the only way we could capitalize on our time- away from the distractions of chores/errands/home etc.

So when Friday morning rolled around, we loaded up the car, packed up the pets, and were off and running like a herd of turtles...Keystone or bust! The first few hours were awesome- we took a great walk down to the river with the pups, made lunch, and went to the pool- but eventually, the lethal combo of exhaustion+expectations crept up on us and a bit of silent treatment ensued. We both saw it happening. We both hated it. We both wanted to make the other person knock it off... but apparently, we both had some steam to blow off and it needed to just run it's course.

When all was said (eventually) and done, we had a great weekend. Saturday was perfect- beautiful hike, low-key afternoon, great dinner in Breckenridge- but in order to get there we had to first trek through that rough patch. Our recovery/bounce-back time is a fraction of what it used to be, which is a victory in-and-of itself, and the honest conversations and intimacy that come as a result are almost more satisfying than if we never disagreed at all. And as we found out this weekend, sometimes the "non-plan" plan of just spending quality time together takes a bit of patience, especially when we're a few months out of practice.

Has anyone else experienced this or have had your worst arguments while on vacation?

Here are some photos from our weekend!

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