Too Many Balloons in the Air

My mind has been quite restless the past few nights. As soon as my head hits the pillow (oftentimes already way-too-late at night) my brain springs to life and shuffles through every idea & worry that has been stored away for weeks. We are in a period of transition with summer coming to a close, Dan starting up classes again, my job plans are on the fence, selling/buying a car, trying to save money and cut back on expenses, thinking about the future (something we know we shouldn't worry about... Matthew 6:34), and simply trying to keep up with the everyday duties (work, pets, chores, errands, meals, meetings, projects, phone calls, appointments, etc!)... aish. I don't think typing all of that out actually helped!

A long time ago, a friend of mine compared this state of mind to having a big bunch of balloons floating above your head ("There's too many things floating around up there", she said, "You have to clear the air!"). Each thought/idea/worry/fear is in a balloon and the only way to clear the air is to pull them down, one at a time, and pop them! Looking up and seeing all those things looming is so overwhelming, but tackling them one at a time is practical, manageable and satisfying!

So...which of my balloons should/can/do I tackle first? God give me strength! First step is going to be figuring out just what's cluttering the air in the first place... as an avid list-maker, my first instinct is to bullet-point! First one: make list.... Oy! Wish me luck!

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