(Monday's?) Music to My Ears: "Coming Home" Anne & Pete Sibley

Good things may come to those who wait... but they also come to those who are too impatient to wait until Monday to share this blog post:

Seconds into one of Anne & Pete Sibley's songs I was awestruck, captivated, and disappointed ( that I hadn't discovered their music sooner)! Minutes later I purchased their entire "Will You Walk With Me" album on itunes, read their adorable bio, and found out about their upcoming shows throughout the Rocky Mountain

The husband and wife act, who grew up singing in choir together, were the winners of the 2009 Prairie Home Companion duet competition and have spent the past decade writing, creating, and producing a handful of albums together.

Their purist folk sound and sweet songs are almost too much for any bluegrass enthusiast to take in at once, but I double dare you to spend an hour of your day with this incredible duo and not smile at least a dozen times!

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Steve said...

We (Dad, Mom & Grandma Toots) like this!