ViVa Las Vegas!

In one week we are taking a mini-trip to the sparkling city that never sleeps... Las Vegas! This will be my first trip there as an adult and I am so excited to see what the hype is all about! I have always loved the old-Hollywood-glitz-and-glamour version of Vegas from the 1950s...when celebrities lingered the lobbies of sky scraping hotels and shmoozed in one-of-a-kind-clubs where literally anything could go...

But I am fully prepared to find that the romance and charm has long since been replaced with...well...this:

( beanies and bicycle helmets...and ram horns!?)

Never the less... I am still looking forward to lounging by a fancy pool with a fancy drink in my hand, sitting in a fancy casino playing nickel slots (...fancy casinos have those, right?), wearing a fancy outfit, eating a fancy dinner, and seeing a fancy show! It's going to be so fancy and fun and fabulous, I can't wait! 

Here are my inspirational wardrobe images:

     one.                                   two.




I am just looking forward to one last hurrah with some hot summer weather before we settle down into Fall... is it tacky to drink frozen fruity cocktails after Labor Day too? Gosh I hope not!

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