{31 days of Soul Searching}...Ridin' Dirty

Eight of my best childhood years revolved around horses. Like every little girl, I fantasized about ponies... only I composed entire reports on which specific breeds were ideal based on temperament, performance, size, and ability... and then printed enough copies for each member of my family. 

Knowledge is persuasion power. 

I never had a horse of my own, but I was fortunate enough to take weekly lessons, compete in amateur shows, and spend as much as of my free time as possible at the stables grooming, walking, and loving on "my" horses.
 Every night, I would polish my riding boots and saddle (a hand me down from a friend of a friend), and comb the yarn mane on the wooden horse my dad built for me (I also would haul that thing out to the yard to bathe it with my Mane&Tail shampoo... sweet and pitiful-yes- but did nothing to further my ambitions). I tirelessly tried to convince my parents that my utter well being depended upon horse ownership (...this may still have some truth to it). 

Nothing filled my soul the way those horses did.

Little did I know that 1,000 miles away a girl whom I would become close friends with in college was living my ultimate fairytale. Growing up close to her grandparents 70acre tree farm and with several family members invested in the polo world, her life revolved around horses. Rolling hills, dirt roads, open fields, and 
a horse of her very own. 
But... she also changed... and her focus shifted; college, jobs, the future. 1,000 miles apart, our saddles collected dust, brushes sat unused, horsey girls grew up.

So on Saturday, we decided to pull on our boots, head down to her family's land, and hop on the horses who've been practically out to pasture for a few years, and see if we still had it in us.

Turns out... we do! 

Nostalgia flooded my senses as the smells, sights, and sounds of barn life washed over me. We brushed the horses down, put a halter over their heads, and swung ourselves onto their bare backs. 
Grit under our nails, wind in our hair, and a couple of mares who've gotten slightly more creaky with time (not to mention the horses, ha!)... 
just try and catch us, ridin' dirty!

~here are some photos I snapped during the day~

Me and Miss Teacup... not long after she decided I should get bucked off into a pile of dirt.
hugs&kisses teacup... I'll be back for you.

...and this, was our idea of "refueling"... delicious Indian buffet!

It was such a great day, we've decided to make a weekly habit of getting' in a little horse time. Meanwhile, I'm trying to practice self control as I click my way around horse adoption sites... even a grown-up girl can dream!

*also, BIG thank you to you all who left sweet comments, and to new followers, while I was m.i.a.!  Time "off" was exactly what I needed and I'm so excited to share some of what I've been up to...but more on that later!!*

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Erin said...

What a fun time! :) Great pictures! You're adorable.