31days of Soul Searching: four days of D.I.Y.'s!

I mentioned yesterday that I have been a busy bee these past few days tackling my "to make" list, one unfinished (un-started) project at a time! Placing tiny, mental checks next to each task is so emotionally, and physically rewarding... It just feels so good to be making progress on things that have been floating around in the air for a while now:

1. The big mirror over our dining table, in two shades of wood stain (neither of which match our wood table & chairs) that I've lugged around for four years... has received new life! Gold & glorious.

logan approves...
but he's yet to notice the burned out lightbulb above. 
tsk tsk.

2. I "made" a runner for our table with a piece of burlap I've had stuffed under the guest bed for months and a 'new' old strip of lace I found at an antique store last weekend... and topped it with a cute fall display.

3. An old "blah" lamp that has been looming (unplugged, even) in a corner of the living room... shows off with a new hue & schnazzy shade!

before & after!

4. I swapped out the nasty silver-metallic pulls on our bedroom closet doors, for colorful ones with lots of character! A teeny $10 upgrade that seems to make all the difference~

before & after!

I am feeling quite productive having finished a few little projects around here, but the *list* remains long and lovely! Here are a few things I'm looking forward to working on in the upcoming week(s):

1. turning an old window that we replaced in our house last summer into a piece of fun wall art
2. creating a fun photo-wall behind our couch
3. making two paintings to replace the old pictures from HomeGoods I bought out of decorating-desperation when we first bought our house.
4. paint/refinish our front door, decorate for fall!
5. make curtains for the living room
6. update/re-do the shades on our chandeliers
7. find/attempt a slipcover for our massive, very red sectional

I'm going to go brew another pot of delicious life-nectar 
you all have yourselves a very lovely afternoon! 

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