Cleansing (Day 9) & Searching (Day 3)

I just wanted to write a little update on the two disciplinary actions I have implemented in my life recently. First, it is Day 9! of my 2-week detox-cleanse kick and things are going well... but...
I cheated last night and... had a glass of chardonnay. A glass, but wine nevertheless. The management of my previous job (here) threw the staff from my department a little get-together involving food and drink and all-around merriment. I had the world's most boring veggie burger (no bun, no cheese, no mayo!) and yummy salad with raspberries and almonds, and quite frankly: I didn't feel bad pouring myself that glass.

 I didn't even feel bad while drinking it. More so, I don't even feel bad today. I am setting this goal for myself and I am my own motivating factor, therefor only I have the right to critique my behavior, and criticism and judgement are not on "list" of acceptable cleanse actions. So, there. Now, I'm not making a habit of this... at least until Tuesday, so keep the good vibes coming! 

Also, it is Day 3 of my "31 Days of Soul-Searching" journey and I have been busy tackling the mountain of doom  joy, aka my craft-closet-chaos! I'll have photo evidence up soon, but I am making some serious headway on that list of unfinished projects and plans I've had for things around the house...

 Day 1: make a list/ organize the physical and mental chaos in my life 
window-verse painting project (photos coming.)

Day 2: Dining room mirror renewal 
table decor ...(photos...coming...)

Day 3: Floor lamp makeover
shade d.i.y.  (...really, they're coming!) 

the crime scene... right after I tidied it up!! 
(over 6 months ago...ugh)

But!... it has been a great few days of creative-revival around this house. The furry ones are keeping me company, along with some great HGTV-watching for "motivation"... but most of all, I'm just excited to be doing this series along with so many great women who have all chosen something important to us to dedicate time to throughout the next few weeks! 

Read more about this 31-days series, here, and meet all of the fabulous bloggers who are in on it!
happy Thursday everyone!

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