This is basically how I feel today.
I am in a total funk and can't seem to snap out of it.
Assuming, of course, that I have the desire and energy 
to even try.

I just feel like my mind is in a fog,
 my body is lethargic,
 and I'm feeling emotionally zapped. 

I am usually a chronic multi-tasker; bouncing from one place and project to the next; unable to turn off my mind from all of the "to-do-do-do's" that consume my days... but for two days I haven't even wanted to get out of bed (or get dressed/get out of the house/ get anything done). I hate the feeling of waking up tired. It seems to set my whole day on a downward spiral, until I ultimately reach the end of the day feeling unproductive and uninspired. 

I really hope this feeling passes soon.
It may still be just an effect of the cleanse, which ends tomorrow, thank goodness.
Or a combination of recovering from a busy weekend and feeling overwhelmed by the things
I've committed myself to, thinking I needed an extra "push", oy!

Can anyone relate to this funkay-feeling? 
Have any tricks and tips for getting your groove back?


Cooker said...

Hey Hailey it's Alex. I love your blog and I think it partially inspired me to make my own blog, one of the perks of which being the ability to comment on other blogspots. Anyway, regarding the funkiness: a few years ago an acquaintance told me that they key to climbing out of a funk is to do one thing a day that you don't want to do. It's been my lifeline ever since. Hope you feel better!

Lindsay said...

He is adorable. ;)

Hailey Marie said...

Thanks Alex, that's totally what I needed to hear! Welcome to the blogging world, I peaked through your recipes- they look amazing! So glad this is one more way for us to keep in touch :)
Thanks Lindsay! That's Willie the trouble maker... see his little mohawk and all?!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

we all totally get in the funks, don't even worry. but if you look anything like that cute puppy up above, then at least you look cute while doing it! ha
xo TJ