{{ A "Haute & Haunted" Halloween! }}

We are still trying to decide on our plans for Halloween this year...
But since we don't know where we'll be, we can't really decide what we'll be!

Halloween is a fantastic holiday in my opinion because it combines a few of 
life's greatest pleasures:

dressing up! parties! candy!

...and makes it socially acceptable to be absolutely ridiculous.

{2009... Bikers...duh!}

Last year we hosted a Halloween party at our house!
It was oozing with glitter and glamour and ghoulish fun!
Part of me wishes we were doing it again this year, but it frees us up
to haunt our friend's parties instead! 
(someone's having a party, right guys?!) 

Here are some photos from last year's "Haute&Haunted" evening!

... and if you're looking for a ridiculously fun(ny) way to break the ice...
make all of your adult friends lay on the floor and try to eat powdered-sugar donuts (for added effect!) 
...dangling from a stick...
no hands allowed.
(drinking encouraged.)


{2010...Peacock & Scuba Diver... duh!)
(who else would be covered head-to-toe in glitter and half-naked at a party?)

what are your Halloween plans this year?!


Lindsay said...

This post tells me that you guys have TOO MUCH FUN! Im jealous!

Erin said...

Ha ha ha....your place looked amazing and you have such fun costumes! :)

Shelley Sarina said...

Love the scuba divers idea with the fish! LOL Great decorations,

Taylor Yves said...

That scuba outfit is awesome. And I love the bikers, too!

Sarah Grace said...

Great decorations!!! The pumpkin head you put on the horse rider picture was too cute! Happy Halloween and thanks for stopping by my blog :)