{Soul Searching} 31day Challenge favorites!

Today is only day 28 of my own 31daysChallenge but for most of the LinkUp partyers, today concludes each of their personal journeys throughout the past month. Since so much of who we are (or I am!) over here in the "blogosphere" can be influenced or inspired by other bloggers, I thought this was a fitting post on my own "soul searching" adventure.

I wanted to share a few of my favorite fellow "challengers" (some of whom I had already been following for a while) and their posts that have inspired me the most in the past 31 days!
Please take a minute to pay each of these lovely ladies a visit, but only if you plan on having a half-dozen or so favorite new blogs to follow! ;)

31days Challenge: 31days of Letting Go

My favorite Challenge post: Letting Go of My Silence

Not only is Shannan an incredibly inspirational woman based on how she lives, but she is an incredibly powerful and persuasive writer. Her posts read like poetry and are filled with pretty photos... making a simple list of daily chores or errands feel like a vulnerable glimpse into her personal world. Her series has been incredible to follow- as she pours out her hopes and fears of facing the process of moving away from her family's beloved farm house and towards city life- in simple, captivating daily chapters. 

31days Challenge: 31days of Celebration

My favorite Challenge post: The Calm Before the Storm

Annie is a super clever and creative young woman who, like me, is trying to figure out how to not only juggle living a Christ-centered life, marriage, work, relationships, and passions... but doing it all well. Her series on Celebration has been refreshing and fun to follow with her topics ranging from everything from throwing parties to finding peace in the chaos of everyday life. Plus, it's super fun that she and I share the same anniversary (11.22.08)... on that day we were both wearing white dresses, walking down aisles, exchanging vows with our best friends, and dancing the night away in "Celebration" but would only come to find one another by expressing ourselves through blogging. That's just plain neat. 

31days Challenge: 31days to an Organized Home

My favorite Challenge post: Defining Clutter

I have thoroughly enjoyed following this 31days series. Her posts are usually pretty short and sweet with  helpful tips and advice for how to simplify our lives and live intentionally with what matters most. Not only does she offer great advice, but she lives it out in her own life- posting pictures of each project along the way. I don't know about you, but if someone was telling me how to organize my sock drawer... you'd better believe I want to peek in theirs too for proof! I think this is one challenge I could probably repeat every 31days!

31days Challenge: Blog to Biz

My favorite Challenge post: Love Your Mess

Obviously, I'd pick that one as my favorite. Anything to justify the constantly chaotic state of our home (ha!). Kidding. But this has been a super informative and interesting series to follow. Donna is an incredible go-getting, junk-loving woman who turned her own passion into both a super successful business and blog and is now sharing what she learned along the way. Her work/photos have been featured in magazines and she has earned tons of awards and recognition from big-wig names in the design industry. If you've thought twice about how to start using your talents within the blogging world to start a business, her 31day challenge is a great start! I have a feeling I'll be referencing these posts for a while to come!

Big THANK YOU to these inspirational women for pouring time and energy and love into each of your posts. They have challenged me as much as they challenged you and I am thankful for the opportunity to have started each of the past 31days off with visits to your blogs. 
I hope we can all remember to keep "letting go", "celebrating", "simplifying", and "motivating" ourselves in the days ahead!

~happy Monday everyone!~


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Aw, thank you! Your words here are so sweet. I just caught Funky Junk's series today and combed over most of it. Good stuff! (Hello, methinks I should back-up my blog. Yikes!)

Have a great evening. :)

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

i love the "turning pages". just so perfect! and something we all need to do!
xo TJ

annie said...

aw, thank you for including me in such a great list of fellow bloggers. :) you brought a smile to my face today!