{Soul Searching} day 22: ...ideas for an uninspired space

A few rooms in our home are in desperate need of new life. Unfortunately, since I am home more during the day, I have more time to obsess over everything that I've always wanted to change about our home but have never had the freedom to do. I feel stagnant, discontent, and uninspired...blah.

I love this post by Kelly at www.imperfecthomemaking.com. She challenges us to think about what we want our homes to be and what it should represent.
 I want our home to be a sanctuary; a refuge; a place that exudes comfort, warmth, and peace. I want it to be clean and free of the clutter of having too much "stuff". I don't want our home to feel like a burden or a trap as it often can with worries of mortgage payments, ongoing projects, difficult neighbors, and buyers remorse. 

One room in particular that gives me anxiety is our living room. I have been inspired by my 31days of Soul Searching challenge and I am finally starting to acknowledge and address the things that upset, frustrate, and exhaust me about our home:

1. Our downstairs (living room- dining room, kitchen) gets very little daylight during the day (we literally have no windows, just a second front door with nazz frosted glass sidelights), so it has the cave-effect.

I'd love for it to resemble this:

(operation: Massive Red Couch)

2. We have a full wall of exposed brick and a fireplace in our living room (which we love) but it can be a little overwhelming... I want to build a big mantel around our gas 'fireplace'... hubs is hesitant.

Like this:

3. We have a gigantic sectional that we just had to have from Crate&Barrel...
and we just had to have it in red "brick" chenille like the showroom sample.
There it is.
 It was almost four years ago. no excuses.
 It totally clashes with the orangey-brown brick. Please don't judge me.

Wanting a slipcover like this: 

4. We have nice tall, 10ft ceilings which makes the room feel nice and open, but also... that's a whole lot of unused blah wall space to figure out what to do with. 

Looking for wall decor ideas like this:

5. Our furniture and decor is a mash of things that we have collected, found, and lugged around over the years so the space feels a little chaotic. Book cases, coffee table, dining table, chairs, cabinets, shelves... all in different stains and finishes. I need to find a way of making them work better together.

Fun updates like this:

Ooohhhhh myyyyyyy goooooodnesssssss!
It's all just so fabulous!

I have started tackling some DIY projects that are helping to get my creative juices flowing. In addition, I have been collecting inspiration for ways to bring some color and excitement into our space.

Since I don't think waiting around for my knight in shining, glittery armor- David Bromstead of HGTV-I'm embarking on Operation "Color Splash" in my own little way.

I'll share some photos of the progress soon!

xoxo lovely Tuesday to You! xoxo

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Lindsay said...

Such gorgeous spaces. Every last one :)