{soul searching} day 25: "wood box on wheels" mini d.i.y.

One of the many little projects I've been getting my hands on in the past few weeks is this little storage crate below...
I have an unhealthy average-sized collection of magazines that I simply needed to corral. I found this box at a thrift store and a few easy updates turned it into a practical storage solution that keeps my 'zines within reach and their pretty covers bring some color to the space!

DIY "Wood Box" makeover:

What you need:
1 "wood box" (mine, was even labeled as such on the side...ha!)
4 wheels/casters (2-pack at Home Depot for around $2.95 each)
wood stain/paint (I used "sunbleached" stain)
white acrylic paint
letter stencils
sponge brush
paint brush
gorilla glue


a rolling crate for storing stacks of magazines, blankets, board games, etc!

** hilarious!!! Um... any one notice my dyslexic moment? That's awkward.
In the English language, "J" does this... not... that. Lawd. I was going to fix it, but I'm debating leaving it as-is... errors add character? Mmm... nope, not going to get out of this one, Hailey.**

Anyway! Here's how you make one:

1. If your crate is unfinished, you can start brushing on the stain with your brush. Stain goes a long way, so start with a little and you can layer to build up the color. Make sure you get in the corners and along each edge. Clean your brush, set aside to dry.
2. Once the box is dry (about an hour), sparingly brush white paint all over with a dry-brush to create a weathered antique effect to your liking.
3. Once dry, start stenciling your letters by placing them in their desired location and sponge-painting to fill in. 
**To get the "messy" look like mine: rush through the stencil process, and while letters are still slightly wet, rub them lightly with a paper towel- it will lift off the damp areas of paint creating a distressed look... sometimes impatient accidents pay off! **
4. once the paint is dry (give it the rest of the afternoon), flip it over and attach your casters in each corner (placing them far enough from the edge so the wheels can properly turn) using gorilla glue (make sure you dampen both the surface of the caster and the box where your attaching it... water activates the glue!)
5. Let it dry for 24 hours before dumping your stuff in it... Voila!
A cute little crate with a home-made touch!

I think this says something along the lines of
"Library of Inspiration"...
don't correct me if I'm wrong.
 It's already been stenciled & sponge-painted. It's staying. 

and if you're thinking to yourself how nice it must be to be able to take such peaceful, practical photos in the comfort of my own home... 
let me zoom out for ya:


~happy Friday to you all!~ 
come back soon for another update... possibly arriving later today!

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Erin said...

What a great idea! it looks really awesome :)