Vail or bust!

Today I am heading up to the mountains with a couple girlfriends for a mini-getaway in time to see the last bits of leaves, and first flakes of snow, falling. 
Fall only started a few weeks ago, but in the mountains it comes and goes in a blink and before you know it- the Rockies are snow-capped and skii-ready. 
We are staying here for a night (thanks to one of the fabulous girl's employee discounts!) and are referring to the following list in order to ensure we have a lovely time:

1. wearing boots and coats
2. dinner somewhere schmancy (within reason)
3. hot.      waitforit           tub.
4. window shopping in the Village
5. watching the original Footloose, because I'm having a mood for it. 
6. Reading magazines over coffee in the luxe lodge by an 8ft fireplace.

All before noon tomorrow. Think we can manage to do it all?
Never underestimate the power of four very motivated girls!

It's a cold, rainy day here in Denver... sending some warmth your way!
Have a beautiful weekend everyone!

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