"we got danced... (and sang on stage)"

The 24-hour girl's getaway this weekend was epic,
in its entirety. 
By noon on Saturday we were trekking up the mountain with enough luggage to outfit a small army,
a bottle of champagne, and not a care in the world... 

look out Vail!! 

-we're comin for ya.-

After unsuccessfully bartering with the valet guys to give us half off their rate (but successfully earning Allison her new nickname, "fitty"), we dropped our stuff off in the room and took a stroll through the village.

How adorable is this place!?

Then we headed back to the hotel for some r&r in our fancy hotel robes...

And this is basically how we were dressed when we paraded through the lobby after taking a wrong turn looking for the pool. Head high, chest out, and smile, girls! 
Wear your hotel robes, socks, and boots proudly!

Then we got ready to take the town by storm for dinner.

{Em, Al, Joy, and I }

...and we were off to town! 

and a few hours later...
I met my weakness:

music. a stage. and a tambourine.

and this happened.

we "got danced (and sang on stage)" ~Em.

we are famous in Vail.

The next morning we went to breakfast in town before getting on the road.

Thanks girls for an absolutely beautiful trip to a gorgeous place!

Vail, we will see you  soon!

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