Cranberries are a quintessential symbol of all things Christmas. 
Sweet and tart, this universal fruit transcends categorization and their luscious red shades lend a festive touch to an array of desserts and decor. 
Cookies and jams, candles and yams get gussied up for the holidays with cranberry twists. 
It's certainly hard to miss these ripe, round little beads of bold color this time of year, even if you're not typically drawn to their red hue. 

Having reddish hair, I have always steered away from wearing red tones and our massive brick-chenille sectional has made me a red-a-phobic when it comes to decor... but I have been finding so many lovely cranberry-colored items lately that have caught my eye, I thought I would put together a little collection to share with you. 


xoxo happy wednesday xoxo


threadesque said...

Love this! I love when food & fashion meet! Eating cranberry sauce while wearing a cranberry cashmere sweater = pure perfection!

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

love #10!

Beckie said...

I, too, have always steered clear of red. I have pale skin so when I wear red it brings out the red and pink in my skin in an unflattering way. But I absolutely adore the color red. I try to bring it into my life in other ways. Needless to say, I love all of your picks because of this. : ]

Erin said...

Love to eat them and love to wear the color! I adore that necklace! :)