..kickin' the clutter & mini bathroom makeover!..

90% of clutter is the result of delayed decisions.

 #20 on the list of "20 Ways to Love Your Home" on Apartment Therapy may as well have just jumped out and smacked me across the room. But if it had, I probably would have tripped over 3 or 4 piles of "projects" I have yet to make a decision about, on the way.  

Oy. It's no secret that I am a hobby-hoarder and a little bit craft-crazy...
not to mention  I have a slight problem with procrastination...
OK Fine. I have clutter. Nothing out of the ordinary... books piled up, receipts on the counter, notes and lists scattered on tables... but clutter no less. Just careless, messy clutter. 
But I truly hate clutter... and Dan hates it more. 
Yet it remains.
While I want our home to have personality and a cozy, lived-in feel-  which is not hard to do when 2 humans and 3 animals inhabit  a 1300 sq. ft. condo- I also believe in only living with the stuff you truly love. As a society I think we could all agree that we all simply have too muchphysically, mentally, emotionally we are cluttered, which is not cohesive with living the simple lifestyle that we crave. 
More stuff translates to more money, time,  and energy that has gone into accumulating and maintaining it... and less of those things being invested into actually living.
It seems that I have been on a de-cluttering kick for a few weeks now and in this time I have stumbled across a few articles that have really helped to inspire and motivate me each day:

Top 10 organizing tips from Chez
5 weekend cleaning projects
order from chaos
How I Keep My House Clean Enough

I know what I need to do. I have a rough action plan ready for implementation. I am bracing myself for "attack mode"... and quite frankly I'm sure all of you are just as tired of listening to me babble on and on about clutter-this and messy-that as I am... so...
That's it. Off I go to conquer more of the madness and oh, friends, when I do~ I promise that I'll have some photos to share and possibly even a mini home-tour, as I have not actually taken photos of our house since we moved in 2.5 years ago... If that doesn't say something about how I feel about our space I don't know what does.

Oh yeah... and that to-do list that I swore I'd defeat last week: I did OK...  Did the laundry, went to the Dr. (results pending), grocery shopped... "make & hang some stuff" is still on the list...
 But while sprucing up our "new" $4.00 (thrifted) shower curtain I got inspired to pretty-up our whole bathroom! So after giving the whole room a thorough bleaching, scrubbing, and shining... I added some pretty touches, using some decorative objects from around our house to bring some flair into the space. Then I headed out to World Market and Anthropologie to splurge on a few fun items to make the whole room feel more special. 

(since buying our house we've installed a new tub and tile, new vanity/sink/mirror, 2 new lights, and a new window...so these pretty touches are just the icing on the cake!)

A few hours and about $50.00 (including coupon savings of course!) later, our bathroom looks as fresh as it feels and I'm happy to have brought a few fun, colorful details into the space. Wondering how my beige-loving husband reacted? "It's so...girly!". Muahaha, he loves me.
 He is a fan of the glasses though!

My Special "Splurges":

1. Castelbel Soaps $5.99 each, in "Pamplemousse Rose", "Violet & Green Clover", and "Lotus Garden". They look as delicious as they smell and add a decadent touch to my daily routine.
2. Ceramic Bird Tray $9.99, We needed something to set our hand soap on that would catch water from dripping hands... this little tray is narrow, has clean lines, and the birdies are a cute detail. 
3. Bali Sunrise Jar Candle $10.00, I am a repeat consumer of this fabulous candle. It smells as good as the famed "Volcano" scented candles at Anthropologie but will only set you back about 1/3 of the price of one. Indulge!
4. Fleur de Lys glasses $6.00 each, in "pink" now serve as our bathroom water and/or mouthwash cups. So elegant yet functional, they give our counter a fancy-hotel-feel! 

Everything else we already owned! 
Yes, I sat on the floor for a while taking it all in, and walked up and down the hallway glancing at it out of the corner of my eye... I am pleased! Though it hasn't seemed to help motivate me to shower before noon somedays... oh, c'mon employment! I'm ready for ya! ;)

Do you have a "refuge" in your home? 
How do you create a special place to relax? 
** happy Monday to you **


Erin said...

your bathroom is so adorable! :)

Nicole said...

I LOOOOVE the exposed brick!

jessica said...

You're bathroom is so cute! I love any room with exposed brick. I struggle with clutter too...and my husband doesn't mind it...so that makes it that much harder! haha

Keri said...

your bathroom looks so good! love the mouthwash decanter with those glasses!