My Pin-Peeve...

Oh Pinterest.
I think I lust love you...

If you only knew (it's better for both of us if you don't) how many hours, days!,  I've spent pouring over your endless supply of pretty pictures- open-mouthed and googly-eyed- captivated by your charms and rendered utterly useless to society. Ultimately, what began as an innocent pass time; a medium for gathering and sharing "inspiration" and "ideas", has become an essential element of my daily routine.

Pinterest... what have you done to me?!

Why is it that I can no longer:
dress myself each afternoon morning,
prepare a meal, pick out throw pillows,
decorate, design, create, or decide upon... anything, really

without you.

You are not perfect. 

In fact, I have even developed a little pin-peeve of my own:

::: labels ::::

Each one of your faithful followers spends time scrolling through hundreds of perfect pictures- the best of the best of anything we could ever imagine- staring blankly at the screen pinning/pining (what's the difference?) to our heart's content, offering little more than: at best- an adjective: "pretty", "shiny", "lovely"... and at worst- a misused punctuation mark: ".", "!", "*" to describe our reactions. 

you reward this behavior:

If aliens are watching us...they're having a field day. 

Usually, my pin-peeve lies dormant in my subconscious... until:
I am actually looking for anything in particular.

Search "Christmas Table Decor"... 200 results.
Search "Pretty"... 2,000,000.

oy vey. 
I appreciate what you're doing (I think), Pinterest.
I know this peeve is not technically your fault.
But how dare you capitalize on the depths of basic human instincts and reward incoherent behavior with your "repins" and "likes". 
Oh, how we love those repins and likes.

May I kindly suggest you encourage your followers to revolutionize their label-descriptions beyond mere carnal reactions... so when one of us is in need of pasta salad, cleaning suggestions, or style advice we can avoid sifting through pages of "yum", "helpful", and "perfect"...


 labels: 24, female, 5'7'', redhead, blue eyes, freckles, stickler for grammar,
believer in maximizing-brain-activity-so-it-doesn't-turn-into-pudding,
relentless pinner.


Jen said...

This was awesome! SO funny, thanks for the laugh :)

amyfredrikson said...

First off I have to admit that I have myself done the ol' "." (not proud, just lazy)...Second, I don't know which is worse the "." or the 14 page descriptions that tell a freakin' story!

MacKensie said...

Too funny!