Our Story: Part Three... our Wedding!

~November 22, 2008~

The absolute best day of our lives.

Over a year of planning (9 months too long if you ask me!) spent picking out
the perfect dresses, invitations, decorations, flowers, favors, music, locations, menus...
every.single.last.detail. was just right.

We stood before our families and friends in a beautiful chapel overflowing with love, and tearfully, joyfully, became husband and wife. 

From the minute I stepped into my dress... to the minute I stepped out, it was the most beautiful celebration I could have ever imagined. 

{We can never truly thank everyone enough for being part of our weekend... each time we see photos, hear "our" songs, or simply get lost reminiscing, we have nothing but incredible, precious memories of our first moments of marriage.... so, thank you again, and again, and again.} 

{getting ready}






sonya gallardo said...

Such a beautiful wedding and I was so lucky to be in it! Gosh, that photo of you and Mariam, where you are holding the glass of champagne -- so good! You girls totally plaid that one off!


OkieMama said...

The pic of him smooching your cheek, such a sweet moment. Thanks for sharing :)

Erin said...

Your dress was gorgeous! :) Love this post.

Brianna said...

This was a beeeautiful wedding! Hope one day mind can be as lovely as this one. :)

btw, so glad to have stumbled upon your blog. Looking forward to reading older posts as well as waiting for the new ones. :)