Our Story: Part Two... he asked.

November 4th, 2007
One year after we "officially" started dating.

( click here to read Part One)

I moved to Colorado in August to go to CU Boulder.
Dan helped us (Arthur and I) move.We had a "long-distance" relationship for 3 months. It was hard. If you recall  from Part One...we don't do very well on the phone. Dan surprised me twice by coming to visit! Well, once to visit...once for a job interview! He got the job and was getting ready to move.

He was moving to Colorado on November 6th... our "anniversary" was the 4th. I decided last-minute to fly home to help him finish packing and so we could spend the day together. It was an exciting 48 hour trip.

Sunday morning we went to our 'old' church together. He had planned for us to go to the Getty Villa museum in Malibu. I insisted we drive to the gym my best friend worked at to surprise her. Then we went to Trader Joe's and packed a picnic for the day. We wandered all over the Getty. It started to get cloudy, Dan wanted to leave. 
I took my time. 
Dan really thought we should go. 
I really love art.
We finally left, behind "schedule". 

Dan was quiet the whole drive home. I sang along to the radio and watched the ocean.  Dan had apparently prepared a "no or go" text for his accomplice, his brother Andrew. We drove down to the beach. He wanted to get frozen yogurt (not cakebatter this time). It was freezing, windy, and cloudy. We got it anyway. 
Dan wanted to take a nice walk along the beach. Again, it was freezing, windy, and cloudy. We went down anyway.
I did not approve of Dan's ability to plan a date. He had apparently sent the "it's a go" text to Andrew.

I marched in front of him. I asked "where are we going?"
him: "I thought we could go down to the bench at Burn Out, we sat at the first time we hung out..."
me: "Well you should have driven my ___ down there!"... Princess Charming. 

A few minutes later, Dan stops. I keep marching. I stop.
"What's this?" Dan asks with surprise, pointing to a glass bottle laying in the sand...that I had marched right by.
me: "wow! I've never actually seen one of these!" (I watch too many movies).
Dan: "We should see what it is!"
me: "No! Don't touch it!... Someone's trying to surprise someone!" ... 
(Oh, Lord, Hailey.)
::: silence :::

Dan: "No, really, I think you should open it!"
me : ...thinking ...(oh my gosh... oh my gosh...
it's an anniversary card.!)

I open the bottle. There's a letter rolled up inside.
It's a poem.

Love, Honor, Cherish
These things I would gladly do
Each and every day
As long as I had you

I would be your strength
I would shield you from any hurt or harm
There's nothing that I wouldn't do
To walk with you, arm in arm

I would take you from today into eternity
If you will grant me just one thing
Give me your heart, be my wife
and proudly wear my ring.

Will You Marry Me?

Shaking. Crying. Shocked. 

I turn around, Dan is on his knee holding a tiny box in his hand.

Dizzy. Laughing. Smiling.

...He probably said something sweet...

I think I said "Are you kidding me!?!"

... then I probably said "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

He opened the box. There was the prettiest ring I've ever seen.
He picked it all out himself.
It was perfect.

Andrew came out from hiding, atop the hill. His covert mission was to protect the bottle from nosy passerby. He succeeded. He took some pictures of our giddy selves. We watched a gorgeous sunset emerge from the cloudy sky.

Dan and I went to dinner. I didn't take my eyes off my ring. I gestured more than usual with my left hand. We told everyone (strangers) we could we were engaged. We went back to my house for a toast and dessert with our families. 

I went back to Colorado an engaged woman! 

I was 20. He was 25.


Erin said...

Sooo sweet! :) Gorgeous ring girl!

Erin said...

just found your blog, so sweet! love your wedding pictures! i'm your newest follower!