..To-Do list attempt: Take Two..

Today, I am determined to conquer my to-do list!

(yep, there it is... off in the distance: the island of success!
...Just have to cross that ocean of procrastination to get there)

There's a good week's worth of projects, chores, and errands packed into this sucker, but
I refuse to let the gauntlet of distractions snatch up more of my most precious, productive hours...

I had every intention of crossing a few things off of it yesterday, but I was rudely cut short because...
I blacked out in Goodwill. 

I was at the register watching the clerk sift through the tags in the pile of stuff belonging to the customer ahead of me when I started to feel blood rush out of my face. I got cold and clammy and started feeling like the ground was falling out from under me. I think I said to the woman behind the counter "I'm just going to run to the bathroom real quick" then started stumbling to the bathroom and while I was holding onto the door handle,    
down.... I.... went.... 
I laid against the wall inside the bathroom door for about 15 minutes before I thought I could stand up again.

Get this: I know for a fact a group of men saw me fall into the bathroom, and a girl even came in while I was laying there (the door hit my knee!) and guess who offered to help???

...no one...

It was the middle of the day. I was nicely dressed. Obviously not on drugs... ( at least I hope that was obvious... somedays are certainly questionable). Yet, no one said a thing.

Is this really what our culture has become? I know I'm guilty of turning my head when I see someone trip or do something "embarrassing" because I don't want them to think anyone saw, but I would like to believe that I would offer to help if I see an otherwise-healthy person totally eat-it in freaking Goodwill. 
Bitterness aside, I somehow made it back to the counter and I thanked the checkout girl for "waiting". She said "yeah, I saw you go pale and start wobbling but I thought you was drunk or something".
 No. Not drunk. Good grief. I was buying floral fabric and a shower curtain for goodness' sake. 
Anyway, as I was about to hit the floor for the second time, she offered to buy me a candy bar from the vending machine in the back. Yes, she asked me to pay for it... but it was the gesture that counts.

So, there I was, looking half-dead, slumped in a green armchair in the Goodwill living-room vignette, amongst eight mismatched throw-pillows, eatin' a MilkyWay...
Apparently a sight to be seen because I shamelessly made eye-contact with every passerby who felt the need to stare. Is there something strange here, people?!

heading to the Doc's for some blood work today. This is the second time this has happened in the past year and a half (no rhyme or reason... I had eaten well, had water, taken vitamins) so I am hoping to find out what's up. I am a vegetarian so low iron levels could be a culprit, but I am praying it's not as serious as diabetes. Doctor stuff always freaks me out a bit. I have a family-health-history that could probably earn a world-record, so I guess there's always some risk that I have to consider. 
Thanks mom & dad! 

We shall see what is said.

ANYWAY... so clearly, this episode cramped my productivity in a big way... so naturally, I will strive to entirely-over-do-it in order to make up for it.
Just watch me!

Today I'm gonna:

1. re-vamp a shower curtain (obviously crucial)
2. re-line the doors on our armoire (ditto)
3. Hang a mirror (essential)
4. Re-paint a mirror (super important)
5. Hang some stuff in the living room (see a trend?)
6. Paint another wood crate 
7. Do 5 loads of laundry. 
8. go grocery shopping...
9. oh yeah, and do the Dr. thing...

Obviously, I prioritize well. These are in no particular order, but I would really enjoy being able to get them all done at some point today. Well, I'd love to bring you all along with me...really just in case I pass out again... but I'll be thinking of you and all the interesting things that are probably on your own lists.

~ what are you doing today? ~

.: stay pretty now, have a lovely productive day of your own!:.


Elle Meyers said...

Wow! I hope you are able to figure out what is causing your blackouts! That is scary! It is amazing how people don't go out of their way for others anymore. I notice this more and more when out shopping. For instance, when you are in a long line and they open another register, isn't it courteous to let the person in front of you go first? I hate when people only think of themselves and rush from the end of the line to the register!
I could go on and on about all the rude selfish things people do, but I would be here all day!
As for me and my to do list? I am packing...lots and lots of packing. I feel like my arms are going to fall off from it! How do things multiply as they come out of the closets? Crazy!
Once I move my to-do list will look more like yours!
Good luck on your list!

- Elle @ Barefoot & Beautiful

threadesque said...

Oh my, how scary! I hope you figure out what's going on & get better soon!

I've been very anemic my whole life & haven't really figured out the problem. When I was younger it was so bad I had to have routine blood transfusions. I'm a vegetarian as well but I don't think that's the cause. My anemia has actually gotten better in the last 6 years (since I've been veg).

Good luck!


MacKensie said...

This exact same thing happens to me! I'm so sorry to hear no one helped you though. :( As a freshman in college living in a dorm, I really freaked out my hall mates by passing out in the bathroom! Scary stuff. I certainly hope your tests all come out healthy & happy! Good luck!


Erin said...

Poor girl! How sad and pathetic that no one found it in their hearts to check on you and see if you were alright! That is just so so sad. Ugh. Yuck. Okay...moving on from that. :) I hope that you start feeling better and the doctors can ease your mind. I'm sure you're just fine girlie! :)

Holy cow! You are doing all those things?! WHy are you so freaking amazing?!