Um, our credit card bill equals how many euros?!

Well, I had only been left home alone for a few weeks before Dan began fearing for our lives (er, bank account)... Obviously, my unemployment has caused some extra strain on our everyday expenses, but cutting back on extra spending for a prolonged period of time, can sometimes lead to a little reckless rebellion.

So one morning I called Dan at work...
 "would you be mad if...?" 
He said yes. 
I said "well...here's the thing" 
he was silent...and then... 
I clicked "purchase". 

::: it's done. it's planned.:::
it's all on our credit card. 

Lassies and Lads... I'd like to announce that our next international destination has been discovered, elected, chosen, decided... drumrolllll...


The Emerald Isle. The Land of Saints and Scholars! ... The place where U2 is from!

But most importantly... the place where my birthday (March 17th) is a national holiday and where I have been wanting to go for almost a decade!  I came very close to studying abroad there my junior year of high school, but right after I finished the paperwork and finalized my plans, my teenage heart fell in love with my then-boyfriend and I decided to back out... on this:

I had always pictured myself traveling there while in college or at least for my 21st birthday...but of course, I was still in school, living 1,000 miles from home, and 8 months away from getting married and thus,  it was far from my mind at the time...

Fast forward to now... This coming March is a milestone year for both Dan and I. I will be 25, he will be the big 3-0... and what better way to ring in (or out) an era than with an epic trip to the place of my our dreams! After briefly researching flight deals a few weeks ago, I found myself one small click away from this very big, expensive, exciting decision, and... I went for it! ( Like I said, I was on the phone with Dan the whole time... who patiently heard me out, knowing full well I was going to do something crazy). The man is blessed with a gentle, patient spirit. 

 Needless to say he began to get excited when he came home to a little display on the dining table composed of an "Ireland from the Air" book I got when I was 18, a bottle of Baileys, and a scribbled note that read "let's get out of here!".

We don't leave for a few months, but the prospect of another international journey is almost too much for me to take! I can't wait to celebrate Saint Patty's Day in Dublin with thousands of partyers and then wind our way around the country in a little manual Mini (on the opposite side of the road of course!) and settle into cozy pubs and quaint B&B's for a taste of the local scene, great sight-seeing, and some r&r! 

To top it off, we'll be traveling with our good friends Sarah & Colin!

Those wild arses booked their trip just a few days later and we are all on the same flights! 
Better still! Our (Sarah & Myself) favorite "baby sister" Jessica will be studying abroad in London next spring (because she's real smart and will be president one day) and is planning on hopping across the water to Dublin while we are there!! Obviously, this means Colin will be sleeping at the foot of the bed. 

Expect many photos like this... just replace the cut-off cracker barrel sign with significant Irish landmarks!

While Colin and Dan get into some betting matches over a rugby game at a pub, Sarah and I will be perusing stylish wool sweaters~ then we'll all cram into a little car and scoot around the Isle for 10 days... in search of sheep and cabbage stew!!

~Have you been?! What should we plan on doing/seeing?! ~


Maddie @ Thriftary said...

Oh. My. Gosh. So very jealous! And just another reason we are made to be friends :)

On our first anniversary, instead of taking a trip, Burley got me a book of Irish photography and a promise that we would someday go.

Congrats on a worth-while purchase!

Jamie said...

(just came across your blog via casey's)
Looks like you have an awesome trip coming up! I am working on planning our next family vaca. thinking of some place tropical.

Desiree said...

OMGOSH!! so jealous! you will have an INCREDIBLE time!

Erin said...

This is going to be AMAZING!!! :) so excited for you guys!

threadesque said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you guys!

We went to Ireland 3 years ago & it was lovely! We rented a little diesel Audi & drove around the coast. I highly recommend the north, the cliffs of moher & County Cork! Are you on FB? If so, we should be friends, you can see my photos & I can share more details! :)