.: the urge to purge!! :.

Late Thursday I got a major urge to purge!

I actually love when I get in the mood to de-clutter and clean-out closets, drawers, cabinets, shelves and it can turn into an all-day event. I've been this way since I was little. When told to "clean my room" I would first empty everything out onto my floor/bed/windowsill-you name it- and sort, organize, and re-pack things to my satisfaction. The best part was after all this, I would parade my parents to my bedroom door, telling them to close their eyes, then proudly swing it open for the grande reveal! I beamed as they "oohed" and "ahhed", taking note of how much effort their daughter put into organizing her clothes in the closet (by length and color), rearranging her furniture (to create a new focal point), and carting out bags of stuff she was willing to part with. 

All that said, you would assume that I would be some what of a neat freak... 


In fact, I may be one of the messiest people I know. I leave piles of "stuff" everywhere I go. Messes, clutter, utter disaster seems to trail as I wander from room to room, project to project. It's one of my worst flaws characteristics... something I am fully conscious of, but unable to tame.  I am constantly reading magazines, articles, catalogs, blogs, etc. trying to find the secret to keeping a tidy house. I subscribe to a half-dozen home decorating publications and handfuls of fabulous websites all aimed at this one problem...yet it remains! 

::: warning the image you are about to see is an honest depiction of my "issues" ha!:::

Oh the irony! 

I always seem to resolve my issue by realizing that I simply have too much stuff to begin with. If I had less, I would have more time to keep it all in order. Which leads to mass-purge fests, like Thursday. I started with my closet... 

well...actually, I started here with a search for "dream closet"... which pulled up hundreds of photos of perfectly organized, functional, beautiful spaces that inspired me. I noticed that the closets I was drawn to mirrored mine in size and scale, but appeared to have so much less stuff filling them. Clothes are not crowded and cramped, seemingly struggling for oxygen or to see the light of day. Shoes do not spill out all over the floor... but what is in there, looks like it is supposed to be there. 

It all has a place! 

I don't need more closet... my poor closet simply needs less. So I emptied the entire thing. Every hanger, pair of shoes, scarf, belt, hat, bag, box... spread out across my bed, floor, dresser, chandelier... and sorted. I took a "first instinct" mode of attack. Each time I picked something up, I had a split-second to decide if I absolutely loved it or could do without it. Everything I immediately loved went back into the closet (hung by size and color, of course). Then, I re-visited my "without" piles and sorted through to decide if there was anything I was getting rid of that served an actual purpose (painting/work clothes, dresses for special events worn once a year) and those stayed. No sense getting rid of anything I knew I would only need to eventually replace.
 But everything else... went out! out! out!

( from my summer purge-fest in August...)

The result: a big laundry basket full of donate-worthy items that I simply had out-grown... and a closet (remarkably still!) filled with things I wear, use, and love! 

Better yet, that night as we were getting ready for bed Dan says "It's probably time I got rid of some things too"...


...make that TWO full laundry baskets and TWO closets *filled* with our favorite things. 
and only our favorite things...

so yesterday I hauled our baskets and some bags of stuff I collected around the house down to Goodwill. 

then... I made an accident...

I tried to stop myself (lie.) but I couldn't...resist...

I went inside.


and for a grand total of $31.17...I left with:

1 wooden crate
2 skirts
3 vases

...all rather unfortunate in appearance, but not in POTENTIAL!!

don't you just love that word??

The crate kind of fell into my hands (actually, onto my foot in a loud crashing sort of way as I tried to finagle something out from behind it...) so what choice did I have? Plus, it was handy for carrying around the 3 brand-new Target vases (still with stickers on them!) that practically leaped into my arms. The skirts... I have a vision for, and were both items that resembled similar styles I had already "pinned".

Justification...perhaps a sign of addiction... or a sign of VISION! 
glorious vision.

So that's what I got...  I'll share photos and what I did with it all soon!! 

~Thanks for letting dump all that on you today~

...please say I'm not the only one that has pulled a donating-turned-shopping-trip at a fave thrift store?!

>>>>> have a lovely weekend friends!! <<<<<

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Erin said...

oh how I relate to this post...I am a hoarder of magazines too! I mean there is no reason to keep them...I just keep stacking them up....ha ha! Girl your writing is so much fun!