::where have all the bloggers gone?::

Something strange is a afoot in the blogosphere.
(In addition to the fact that I just used the term "blogosphere"...)

It appears that some of us are simply feeling a bit spread too thin, uninspired, and dare I say...

Writing without words is  near- impossible (near only because pictures are worth a thousand of 'em, give or take a few)... so needless-to-say (get it!) these feelings are simply not welcome here.

 {  But they're human.  }

Behind the pretty pictures, clever posts, and cheery comments are real people...real women who juggle jam-packed days with seemingly superhero-like enthusiasm.  And because we almost always only see this side of each other in the blog-realm, and this is something we truly enjoy, it's easy to forget that we all require periods of rest from time to time. This is why I find it so refreshing (I don't mean that to sound morbid) to read about your struggles...to know that you get tired... to know I'm not alone in my hormonal madness. 
Ya feel me? I know these gals do...

Let's face it! While we appear to be able to effortlessly multitask and make magic from the mundane, we be fragile creatures sometimes. Lack of sunshine can make us lethargic. Something we ate not sitting well can sour our mood. Hearing bad news can haunt our whole routine.

We are emotional, dependent, and sensitive beings. A blessing and a curse, but true all the same. We were created to sympathize, empathize, desire, dream, and feel our way through this world. It's not something we need to be afraid or ashamed of... the only thing worth regretting is not listening to yourself.

"The wise are cautious and avoid danger, the fool plunges ahead with reckless confidence"
~proverbs 14:16 ~

So thank you to those who continue to share during their times of stress and struggle, but I also understand the need to simply step away from all of this to simply reconnect to God, ourselves, and the world around us. Even when I feel like things are running smoothly and I'm in control, a quick look around usually provides a clear answer to whether or not I'm truly investing my best into the relationships that are most important in my life.  reality check.

Need a little boost? I know I do.
Here are a few inspiration-motivation sources worth checking out over the weekend:

For self:
Flower Patch Farmgirl: You can't let go on your own...
Homestead Revival: Dear Daughter series
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FindingBeautyintheOrdinary: Discovering my strengths

For Others:
KissesFromKatie/The Journey
UCreate: Homemade Challenge Make Two!
Adventures of Newlyweds: spiritual health

For Home:
TheInspiredRoom: Authentic Living
TheInspiredRoom: Decorating Ideas/fresh inspiration
ApartmentTherapy: 20 ways to love your home

Phew! Ok those should keep you all occupied for a while. While I do encourage you to check these links out... they aren't going anywhere anytime soon... so if given the choice between the computer and:

sunshine! playing! cuddling! cooking! creating! relaxing! talking! sharing!
(you get the point)

...I hope you make the best one for you...

.: Have a beautiful weekend friends! :.

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Elle Meyers said...

YES! I am having one of those weeks! In the midst of moving, my husband joining the army, and my sister getting ready to move in with us...I am slightly overwhelmed, and feeling uninspired to blog this week!
Thanks for the pics and links and motivation!

- Elle @ Barefoot & Beautiful