<< a huge surprise! >>

Today I received the biggest surprise I could have imagined...
The amazing Laura at VioletBellasWorld
picked ME as the winner of the

I literally gasped..then make an awkward giggle-squeak noise before refreshing the page and quadruple checking the spelling of my name
I was (am!) in total shock.

I rarely enter giveaways but when I saw this incredible collection of goodies I couldn't resist. I have loved Laura's blog for over a year now and she was a major inspiration for me to start mine as a creative outlet... and Sam- my gorgeous sponsor from Threadesque was participating, so I wanted to show the love! 

I simply cannot believe this... it really made my week
(which has been a tough one, so far, girls)
and I am so excited to share the love for these amazing, incredibly talented women who so generously sponsored this giveaway.

What an absolute treat!

Please, please please spend a few moments visiting each of these fabulous girls and check out all of their fun shops! 
I simply cannot say thank you enough for this surprise!!

Now I have to find a way to pay it forward!
x  o  x  o 

Group Sponsor Giveaway - December Edition >>>

One lucky winner will be lavished with all of these amazing prizes below!

 Nanoukiko is offering up 4 lovely items from her shop!  a god's eye pendant necklace, a big cotton thread bracelet, a small leather and wood bracelet and a vintage woven fabric necklace.

 The Gingham Owl is offering this beautiful 8x10 dragonfly print.  The colors are so dreamy.

 Bohemiantown is offering this awesome bohemian bright yellow fringe trim necklace with a fun chevron pattern on it!

 Stella & Dot is offering this sweet pair of beaded dangle earrings.

 Threadesque is offering this adorable navy blue and red polka dot vintage scarf.

Ninna Lu is offering up one bangle of your choice by Rachel Pally.

Cosmis Bath & Boday is offering up a complete weekly facial mask!  It includes: *1oz of French Green Clay
* 2oz Spray Bottle of Rose Floral Water Toner {also available with lavender or neroli floral water, your choice}
* Weekly Facial Mask Use Instructions
  *Packaged in a Muslin Bag


MacKensie said...

Ahhh lucky!! So awesome. You'll have to model all your new accessories when you receive them! :)

Erin said...

Congrats girl!!! :)