handmade Christmas Card swap!

Hi friends!

This is outrageously over due but I wanted to share while I was thinking about it~
A few weeks before Christmas, the lovely ladies at finger prints on the fridge and sugar and dots hosted a handmade card swap party! Each participant was paired with another and we exchanged Christmas cards using things that we love or that represented us in some way.

I was paired up with Ros from SewDelicious, an amazingly talented mother of two little girls that lives in Australia! We sent a few emails back and forth (to swap addresses and ideas for our cards) and we discovered we had quite a bit in common! She mentioned she had lived in Canberra, the capital of OZ- where my brother actually played hockey for the Canberra Knights for a few years. She also said they would be spending the holidays in New Zealand- where Dan and I traveled for our friend's wedding this past spring and would love to live one day. She also loves to craft, bake, and scour thrift stores!

Unfortunately, the international post was a bit slower than usual around the holidays so neither of us received our cards until after we got home- which was actually a nice surprise, like remembering that one last present you had stashed away for safe keeping. Ros sent me a sweet email about how much receiving the card meant to her, and I completely agree. Such a simple gesture of handmade happiness really brightened my day. Not many of the things we encounter on a daily basis are truly handmade, it's so special to receive something in the mail, that was once in the hands of someone on the other side of the world! Thank you again Ros, for your lovely  card!
Please go visit her blog , she shares some wonderful tutorials and tidbits from her life in the land down under!

Here are the cards we made
~from me~

I used some fun scrapbook paper from hobbylobby, fun edgers, and of course- glitter!

~from Ros!~

She used old sheet music, buttons, stamps, rhinestones, and even stitched the ornaments on! 
(Sorry Ros, one of the buttons fell off and quickly vanished as most things tend to do in our house!)

I thought the card swap was such a simple and fun idea!
Thanks for hosting, ladies! I'll look forward to next year!



Mrs. Robinson said...

These are beautiful.

I'm a new follower.

I like your style.

My blog = mynewwifelife.blogspot.com

ginanorma said...

Really really cool, I love it, and I love swaps!!!