*a little change & lots of lights!*

So... uh...this was me yesterday at approximately 2:35pm...

I hadn't colored my hair for over four months in an attempt to find out what my natural color was...and I had discovered it was the same reddish/brownish/blondish/blahish color that prompted me to start dying my hair ten years ago. 

I am also in the full-swing of an awkward middle-stage as I am growing my hair out after doing this in February:

(gasp! 1...it went to a good cause. 2... it's just hair.)

I had been wanting to chop it all off for a while and I'm glad I did, it was a fun change...but my hair is super thick, wavy, frizzy, and heavy and is easier-tamed when it's long...

But the awkward middle-phase was just too much for me to take. 
If I was to survive this, I needed to make some changes...

So I performed a little self cut n' color... 

So I'm back to red(der) and rockin' some bang action. 
Am I crazy? Probably.
Do I love it? Not sure yet... 
but it's different and that's what I wanted.
...and it's just hair, people.

dare to share your thoughts? 

hey, it's not like I cut my own mullet with a pair of safety scissors while at a friend's sleepover
..oh, if only I had the photos to show y'all...

Then we headed downtown for the Christmas parade with some friends of ours. 
I packed a tortilla soup and snickerdoodle picnic. 
It was 20 degrees and our toes were numb.
But it was super fun and one of our favorite Denver traditions.
Here are a few blurry phone photos from last night:

... I just want to know how to get one of these feathery marching band hats, and the pants with lights down the sides... awesome!

And some blurry phone photos from this morning!!
Snow day! Snow day!

at least the snow-shovel-man has a cute butt. 

~Happy Weekend!~
Hope you're all having a lovely *warm* morning and
enjoying this beautiful day of advent 


MacKensie said...

Your hair and your dog are SO CUTE!

Beckie said...

Hello! Not sure I've commented yet, but I've been reading for awhile (forwarded by Laura of VioletBella). Anywho...

I'm kind of jealous you got to go to an awesome Christmas parade! I was in the one for our city for the past 6 years (color guard member of a marching band) and this was the first year I didn't march and was going to get to watch, and it was cancelled! I was super sad. But I loved looking at all your pictures, so thanks for sharing! : ]

Hailey Marie said...

Aw, thanks Mackensie! :)
Beckie~ What a bummer the parade was cancelled! :( I just love parades, they're pure fun. I definitely had a moment last night where I wished I had kept up with cheer leading, so I could have been in a parade... and they all wore fantastic glittery light-up costumes!

Amber Maheu said...

Oh my gosh! I love the new hair cut!! You really can pull that off :)

Erin said...

Your hair looks so cute! Good for you donating your long locks! :) I bet that was hard!