mini diy: sparkly scrapbook-paper letters!

(fyi, when I first hit "publish", the second word was missing an "s" at the beginning and I started cracking up... because I'm six...)

Here's a fun mini-dyi project I did last night to add a litter color & sparkle to our mantel. 
I'm sure there are a hundred other "tutorials" out there for making something similar, but it was so quick and easy I wanted to share...and it involves glue and glitter... 
say no more!

Sparkly Scrapbook-Paper Letters:

What you'll need:

large cardboard letters (Hobby Lobby, $1.00 each)
1 sheet of scrapbook paper for each letter (H.L. $.30 each)
mod podge...because it's your best friend
a small(ish) flat paint brush
glitter (and a tray or baking pan to contain it)
scissors, pencil, newspaper (preferably the holiday dessert-ads section)
about 30 minutes

(poor "P"... not worth as much as the other letters apparently).
((these were 50% off...as is everything, pretty much everyday, at Hobby Lobby))

1. Lay out your letters and paper in order...or simply to your liking
There's no judgment here.

2. trace around each letter (you can trace on the back-side, but sometimes the tops and bottoms of the letters aren't perfectly even, so I'd say draw lightly right-side-up)

3. Cut out your letters along your lines (this is how I discovered it was better to draw on the right-side-up... it didn't perfectly line up. But it's ok...cuz there's glitter for that).

4. Brush a light layer of modpodge along top or bottom edge of the letter.
Press the paper down and then work your way towards the other edges, brushing and pressing...

5. Brush modpodge along the edges, and sprinkle with glitter! Brush, then glitter...brush then glitter. 

There, now!
Isn't that something!

Cute patterned letters with just a hint of sparkle to add a fun touch to your holiday decor!

~Happy Crafting!~

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Erin said...

This is one of my favorite holiday posts I have seen!!! :) Adorable!

ginanorma said...

I love this, it's darling! I'm so on it! hahaha poor P!!! Seriously, what?!

And can you believe I've never been to a Hobby Lobby?! We don't really have one near by, it's about an hour, but I need to go asap! Thanks for sharing this!

Lauren {a joyful journal} said...

These are SO adorable.. I think I'll give it a try this weekend! Thanks!! :)

ginanorma said...

Hailey I made this on Sunday, you gotta check out my blog post about it from Monday! (if you have time) thanks for the inspiration...

mine turned out not so pristine as yours LOL, and my letters are different!