mini home {{tour}} for the holidays

 With the holidays coming to a close, and the New Year on the horizon...
 I am seriously running out of time to catch up on 2011!
On my list of many-to-do's-before-the-new-year (who'm-I-kiddin'?) is to post a few updated photos of our house, since it's been a few years.. While the rest o' the place is still in...the works... I managed to snap a few of our 'tidied' up living and dining 'rooms' prior our trip to home for Christmas.  Though it's always an evolving project, this is our little home as of late:

 dining room:
corner hutch from my parents. 

Anthro teacups. Anthro bowls. Vintage s&p shakers, from my in-laws.

Vintage bird picture. PotteryBarn mixing bowl. Horseshoe.

Anthro bowls. Crate&Barrel Plates. Bliss Inc. teacups. Thrifted Vintage teapot.

Thrifted Crate&Barrel creamer. Thrifted pitcher. Creamer from ceramic sale at UCDenver.

 Thrifted books, scale. Mercury Glass votives from Bliss.

Dumpster-dived velvet chair. Ikea bookcase.

Welp, that's 'bout it.

However,since these were taken (last week), we have started refinishing our stairs and are replacing the nazz old carpet (second to last pic), putting up new crown moulding, and giving our baseboards and trim a lil' facelift... come the new year (give or take a couple days) our condo will be in need of a few more photos to show itself off. Since we bought it in June, 2009 we've been making improvements (paint, electrical, plumbing, bathroom, lighting, moulding, windows, blinds, etc.) as time and money allows. Our list is growing shorter and shorter (finally!) and the last few checks will be next to the kitchen list (painting cabinets, new counters, backsplash, lights) and guest/craft room list (new floors, computer, desk/office furniture). After everything is finally done, we're hoping to simply sit back, relax, and enjoy it for all it is, then start looking for a new place? Ha! Just kidding, we're staying put for a few years before we let our eyes wander to the next stop. 

This has been a very busy and exciting year for us but I cannot wait for all that 2012 will bring...for now we are looking forward to our trip to Ireland in March, getting my Real Estate license, and Dan finishing grad school in the fall! I know 2012 is going to be full of fabulous things, I can just feel it. I wish you all the very happiest of New Year's celebrations and I cannot wait to see you soon!



Amira said...

oooo love, love, love your whole decor :-) And have I mentioned I love that brick wall?!!!

Erin said...

Your house is literally amazing :) such good taste!

ginanorma said...

I really love it, it looks to cozy and warm and filled with love. And those letters look familiar, wink wink!
Did that crate say INSPIRATION on it? Wow love that! All your precious cute items I just love, your touches are extra special, thank you for sharing!!!

Life Happens said...

Beautiful home! Ireland in March sounds awesome!!

Whit said...

Just came across your blog! I love it! Consider me a new follower. Hopefully you could come check out mine and do the same?


Hollie Ann said...

i loooooooooove your decorations! love it! :)

new follower! and can't wait to hear more about ireland!