Monday's Music to My Ears: The Honey Trees!

Thanks to a friend on the 'book, I was introduced to this lovely version of an old favorite tune, Moon River, performed by indie duo, The Honey Trees. 
They sound just as adorable as they look and their harmonies are absolute perfection.

Take a sec to enjoy this short & sweet start to your day!

The Honey Trees "moon river"

...and since I don't think 2minutes and 21 seconds is nearly enough to spend with these two today, here are two more songs from their EP, Wake the Earth.

~Happy Monday, friends!~ 

The Honey Trees "wake the earth"

The Honey Trees "through your eyes"


Erin said...

The Honey Trees are wonderful! :) Such a lovely song too!

Maddie @ Thriftary said...

Yesssss - Thanks for sharing. I'm in love. In other news... I was at the parade of lights too!! Bummer i didn't think ahead and plan a meet up!