Monday's Music to My Ears & Our Giveaway Winner!!

~Hello Lovelies~

I hope you all had wonderful weekends and were able to find moments of rest despite the rush.rush.rush we all may be feeling during this season. Our weekend was great, though it felt like it was here and gone in a blink (doesn't it always, though?!). 
Poor Dan has finals this week (he's in grad school getting his masters in computer science, while working 40+ hours a week...yes, he's crazy!) so he was glued to the computer studying and since I'm so thoughtful and kind and simply had to stay out of his way- I spent Saturday baking and crafting (and consuming strawberry Andre) with two of my favorite ladies. Rough life
Sunday morning I tackled another 1/3rd of the slipcover I'm  making for our massive couch out of painting drop cloths - It's been quite an adventure, I'll share pics soon (ones that don't magnify the fraying seams or shredded chunks of fabric I shoved through my sewing machine, of course)- and then later on went to a bridal shower for a sweet girl I went to college with who recently moved down to Texas. Then came home, resumed the slipcover-saga and made it into bed around midnight. 
Needless to say, I feel a bit like I'm running on fumes this morning, but I have to run out for a few more drop cloths and some groceries before I attempt the last pieces of the couch and clean up the insane mess I've created over the past few days. 

OK, enough about me... I have some special news for you! 
Thank you to the sweet girls who participated in our first teeny giveaway over the weekend...
odds were pretty darn good (one out of six, actually) but the winner is lucky number....


Blogger MacKensie said...

I am a follower of your sweet blog! That is SO cute and a great cause. Thanks for sharing!


12/8/11 7:03 PM

Please send me an email at
haileyfynaardt {at} gmail {dot} com
with your address and I'll send you the brooch very soon!

Gosh, I just wish I could give all of you sweet girls something special but I so appreciate all of your comments and the love you've been showing this little blog, so I just want to say thank you!

I also wanted to share a video a friend posted on f.b. this morning of a church from my home town (Redondo Beach, California) performing a "flash mob" of sorts at the local mall. It was certainly music to my ears (and brought tears to my eyes) so I hope it makes you smile today.

Monday's Music to My Ears: 
Journey of Faith "flash mob" at the SouthBay Galleria Mall


~ a very Merry Monday to you all! ~


MacKensie said...

Thank you SOOOO much!!! Ahhh that video was amazing. Totally just made me cry too. Beautiful. Thanks for brightening my day! :)



Kendra said...

what a lovely video! Thanks for sharing!