*Pretty Patchwork Ornaments*

It's a sunny, blue-skied Saturday morning in Denver.
I'm still in my 'jams and just finished addressing a handful of Christmas cards.
I had come to terms with not sending any this year...but I eventually caved and made (& glittered!) just over a dozen or so last night. I've re-heated my coffee three times already. A really bad Lifetime movie starring Stephen Curtis Chapman is on in the background.

Our cute little Christmas tree is still sparkling in the corner, despite the empty skirt she stands above. This is definitely my favorite tree we've ever decorated. She's just a skinny lil' thing and her branches are awkwardly scattered, but each one of our favorite, colorful, sparkly ornaments are perfectly displayed. 
I think I will wrap a few things to put under there today since Dan and I are planning on doing our own mini-Christmas soon before we head home to California next week... but we had an ugly "communication lapse" this morning as he was heading out to door to his bible study... so I'm just not yet in the mood. 
It stinks, but it happens. 

But there's a fun handmade ornament linkup happening today at miss FunkyJunk's so I thought I'd share a few photos of the ornaments I pieced together last weekend using scraps of fabric from my various projects over the past few years. I got the idea for them here! I absolutely love how they turned out and will probably make more next year!

(especially if I get around to doing any fun craft fairs... oh 2012, your goals are lofty so far!)

Pretty Patchwork Ornaments:

hmm, how'd that goose sneak in there?!

*         *         *    


Amira said...

oooooo, those are so pretty! <3 Very crafty girly :-)

Kate said...

These are darling! I'm glad to hear that someone else is doing Christmas cards now, too. I think I'm sending mine tomorrow, and some people will just get them late (sigh). Anyway, love these ornaments!
P.S. If you hear of any good craft fairs in Denver or Northern Colorado in 2012, please do share! I'd like to check some out. God bless!

Alecia said...

These are darling! I just got my cards today, nice to know I'm not alone! I'm your newest follower from Funky Junk Interiors. Thanks for sharing!


Erin said...

These are the cutest ornaments! :) I love them!

Leanne DeRemer said...

I love those ornaments!

Heather B {dreaming big} said...

I like em a lot. They look so cute - like something you'd find at Anthro. Good work.

Christina said...

Love this!

ginanorma said...

OH my gosh! Looks like something else I might be able to tackle LOL! THANK YOU Hailey! I love this !