{twelve} favorite christmas tree decorations!

This is the first year...since I can remember... that I have not purchased a  single Christmas decoration.
Not one ornament,
Not one little light,
Not one thing!

When I lugged our three ginormous "Christmas" bins out of 'storage' a few weeks ago I felt overwhelmed. 
If you've been reading my rantings for a while now, you may recall the purgefest I embarked upon last month- emptying every shelf, cabinet, closet, and box- sorting, donating, and ridding our home of hoards of s.t.u.f.f. that we had accumulated over the years. 
It was refreshing.

That said.. I still had to tackle our Christmas collections. Boxes of ornaments, decorations, and random things- many without any sentimental value- that had been purchased over the years in my attempts to create fabulously themed trees and decor.

I had a rustic phase.
A cutesy-country phase.
A classic-Christmas phase.
A mercury glass/gold phase.
An all-white-decor phase.
A bright and bold phase.
A handmade phase.

Working in fabulous home-decor boutiques for half a decade didn't help either.
Hello, employee discount!

So this year I approached the bins with caution, and a glass of eggnog... and sorted through it all.
I made split-second decisions on the bulk of the decor...then went back through the "nah" pile to make my final edits, before packing it all back up into TWO bins to keep, one to donate.
Then I pawned off some of the cute & quality items to unsuspecting friends who simply came by to say hi.

I do this a lot.

Guests have left our house with complete sets of dishes, towels, pillows, frames, lamps...
not to mention new wardrobes.
It's fine.

Anyway... so we still have two ginormous bins of Christmas decorations but I am happy with our paired-down collections, and this year we spent a few hours (not days!) decorating and I am happy with our simplified space.

BUT... my eyes do wander... and I have a whole list of decorations that I may or may not scour the stores and sites for as clearance sales come and go...
hopeless- Christmantic..

So here are my {twelve} favorite finds for Christmas tree decorations!

12 days of Christmas hand painted ornaments*
Crate & Barrel
*These were given to us a few years ago by my aunt and have since become the inspiration for our over all Tree decor...such happy colors and they're hand-painted! Plus, their sales benefit a hospital in Kashmir, India.  

Pom Pom garland
via Pinterest

Looped Wood Trees
Button Owl ornament set
Crate & Barrel

Crochet Loops tree skirt

Tomato-Cage outdoor Christmas tree
via nedesignbuild.com blog
Vintage Sari garland
Crate & Barrel

Fireside Feelings ornament

Snowy Balloon ornaments
via Martha Stewart

modpoged fabric ornaments
via SewtoSpeak.blogspot.com

Stamped salt-dough tags/ornaments
via www.MarleyandLockyer.com

No-Sew Ruffle tree skirt
via MissMustardSeed
.    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .   .   .   .   .   .   .

Happy, cheery, little baubles just begging to fill that extra empty storage bin I have laying around.
(just kidding...?)

~ Have a terrific Tuesday, friends! ~


Erin said...

Dang girl! You're like Christmas hoarder! ;) Just kidding! I love those tree skirts and that Anthro ornament is gorgeous!

gina said...

Haha great post, I was cracking up in the beginning, isn't it so funny how we do that about finding a "theme" it can be so overwhelming to figure out what we want or what to buy, there is so much out there! I love what you chose though! And thanks for sharing all the pinterest finds, so fun! New follower, great blog!