Whats Up Wednesday!?

No really, I'd love to know!
Are you done shopping? Just starting?
Have you made anything fun lately?
Are you travelling? Staying put?
Let me know!

Around here we've been busy trying to get things together before we head back to California for a few days to spend Christmas with our fams. We're so lucky that our parents live about 15 minutes from each other and our siblings are still in CA (we're the black sheep) so we usually get to see every one when we visit. We are trying to keep plans as simple as possible - just spending time with families and seeing a few friends- sometimes it can be so hectic trying to do everything each time we're home, so I am just looking forward to a few good meals, playing games, and seeing the ocean. 

...But there is still much to do before we hop on the plane! 
Laundry. Cleaning. Packing. Making. Baking. Wrapping. 

Not to mention Dan and I are planning on having "our" lil' Christmas tomorrow morning before we head to the airport... breakfast-feast and all! Typical over-achievers.

Since it's "What's Up Wednesday", here's what I was up to this past week 
(plus or minus a few days):

I made these:

Em made truffles, cookies, and children everywhere filled with joy.

(and well...Sarah made a finger-wig... but she wore a cute apron while doing it!)

We celebrated Artie's 8th birthday!

 he requested peanut butter-oatmeal-white chocolate cookies.

and waited very patiently to eat them all up.

 I 'hosted' a mini cookie exchange for the girls in my bible study:
...this is apparently the only photo I took that day...
for good reason.

Everything was delicious, and cleaned up* by the time they arrived.

*shoved in closets and thrown to the top of the stairs.

I made some other stuff:

 and finished this:

I wore this:

and this:

I went to the museum with a friend:

I made this for the Christmas Card Exchange party:
and mailed it all the way to Ros in Australia!

 I ate this juicy grapefruit:

I made these on a whim and mailed them out yesterday:

 I went to my favorite grocery store and they had a four-piece band playing Christmas music...on top of the bakery aisle. I Love you Whole Foods.

I watched my husband and dog have this conversation:

(and now you probably did too, ha!)

By the time you've finished reading this we should be jet-set for LAX! 
Hello, 70 degree weather! 

...so what's up with you?
*have a wonderful wednesday everyone!*

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Erin said...

Busy girl! :) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas back home with your families!!