Whats Up Wednesday

Wow! Wednesday again already!?!
By this time last week Dan and I were sitting on the balcony of my parents "new" condo, watching the sun setting over the ocean, and scarfing down bean & cheese burritos from our fave Mexican shack, LBJs (El Burrito Junior, for you non-loc's). 

We. Were. Home.

We really could not have asked for a better Christmas vacation, though it felt entirely too short. We got to spend time with our families and see a couple good friends, feast to our heart's content, and even squeeze in a trip to the spa (thanks mom and dad!). It was so nice to have all of the siblings together again- it's been a couple years- plus, I got to meet my brother's adorable girlfriend Shanice and chat about wedding plans with my lovely new sister-in-law-to-be, Patty (Dan's brother Andrew's fiancee- he proposed on a bridge in Paris!...seriously.) 

We hosted dinner on Christmas Eve then went to a service at the church Dan grew up in. It was all very nice. I had hoped we would have had more time for games but we did all go for a walk along the strand before sunset. We had sunny, 70' weather the entire weekend... I think our families paid off mother nature to try to bribe us into moving back (it was working!). Christmas morning we woke up, had breakfast, and opened gifts at Dan's house. Despite attempts at "simplifying" this year there was still a huge mountain of pretty presents under the tree! We had a huge lunch, then headed over to my parents' to do it all over again! (well, except the waking up part... but we probably could have used a nap!). Before dinner we went down to the sand to take a few "family portraits" since the only pictures my mom had to frame were ones she snagged from Facebook... (told ya it's been a while since we've all been home!). Then we had a huge dinner, lots of dessert, lots of wine...then opened gifts! Goodness gracious, totally overboard but we are so, so thankful for everything! After dinner, the "kids" headed down to Sleepy Hollow- the "Christmas Lights neighborhood" in town. We used to be walking distance from our old house and would go every year on Christmas Eve but this year was just as fun. We walked up and down each street, stopping to snap photos of our favorite houses and sip our brandy cider to" keep us warm". The next morning we flew back to Colorado and were greeted with about 6'' of snow that was left over from the weekend, but we were so glad to see our furry babies. I always feel funny leaving them, especially around holidays, but our good friend house-sits for us and always takes good care of them. We took the pups to the park to play before heading home and cuddling for a good couple hours while watching Madagascar (always hilarious) and Baby Mama (just eh). 

~Here are a few phone-photos from our trip~


~almost there!~

~GumTree in Hermosa Beach~
...adorable lunch spot, thanks Erica!

~Hermosa pier~

~sleepy hollow~

~heading to LAX~

~snowy sunset playtime!~

~home (currently, at least!)~

I'm a happy girl! Dan has off work until after the New Year, so we didn't waste any time getting started on some of the projects we have been wanting to tackle for a few months. First up, we're refinishing the wood/trim on our stairs, replacing the nazzzz carpet, and putting in new balusters. One of Dan's coworkers has graciously let us borrow some of his heavy duty tools and we've already made trips to HD & Lowes to get all of our supplies. This is something we've been wanting to do since we bought our place in 2009 and are so excited to finally be getting it done! Next will be the kitchen facelift and guest room/craft room/office re-do! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Ok, well I better get back to sanding, priming, painting, and...uh, cooking?
Hmm, looks like it might be an Eggos-for-dinner kind of night!

Hope you all had an absolutely wonderful Christmas, and are enjoying your weeks so far! Only a few more days left in the year! I'm so excited for 2012, can I just tell you!?

x   o    x   o


Amira said...

That enormous Jack Skellington is awesome!!

Erin said...

Oh it sounded lovely and relaxing!! :) Glad you had a wonderful Christmas hun! :)