Thoughts: why I'll never shop online the same way again

Notice anything... strangely similar about each of these photos?

Like... how each of these "models" happens to have the exact.same.body?!
Neck, collarbone, shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, legs...
same. body.
1 body. 4 photos. 3 different heads.

Notice I said THREE different heads...not four?
Take a gander at the photo above and the one second-to-top. 
...Now, even the very best models in the world can't duplicate the same. exact. look twice.

An article I stumbled across today clued me in on a little "secret" (But really, what isn't a surprise in today's fashion and beauty industries?) about certain companies that have admitted to actually super-imposing models "faces" (edited, airbrushed, and perfected, of course!) onto completely computer generated bodies! From head to toe, the entire image is a hoax... not one eyelash, not one fingernail, not one pound of reality in any of these images. 

So yeah, maybe I'm just figuring this all out...maybe you're like "duhhhh, Hailey, get with the program!" but I seriously could not believe my eyes when I browsed through the websites of other major retailers and found the same exact trend as seen above. I mean, airbrushing and editing photos is one thing... but the ability to compose entire clothing ads- that are viewed by real humans around the world- without a single ounce of authenticity makes me cringe...
I just think this goes way, way, waaay too far. 

(not to mention, if you're a model- you may want to start looking for a new job...)


And what did the corporations have to say in response? 

...Wait- because seeing them on a human body would make them less so?


What do you all think?
Are you shocked? Do you think this is OK?
Does knowing that certain companies prefer computer "models" to human ones impact how you shop?
Just curious, please share!


Sponsor Swap-Meet!! {TJ, Amy, & Sam!}

...meet TJ...

Name: TJ
Age: 23
City: Seattle

1. What are your biggest goals for 2012? One of my biggest goals for 2012 is really coming to know and appreciate myself. Being a newlywed and moving to a whole new state can be very intimidating. It's like starting kindergarten all over again, with trying to understand your surroundings, learning how to do new things, and making friends. I really hope I can just become more confident in the person that I am becoming, a grown-up. Yikes! 

2. 10 things we'd find if we randomly emptied our your purse? License, credit / debit cards, gift cards, old bulletin papers, an itinerary for Sundance, chapstick, red lipstick, hair pins, change, and my iPhone. I can't go anywhere without my iPhone.

3. Top 5 most-played songs on iTunes? Jeff Buckley's "Lover, You Should've Come Over", The Beatles' "Blackbird", Cake's "Short Skirt/Long Jacket", Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know", and *NSYNC's "I Want You Back". 

4. If you were given a round trip ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go, why? There are so many beautiful places in the world that I am just dying to experience first hand, but if I could only go one place I would have to choose Norway. My family is originally from there, and deep in the outskirts there is a road named after my family that I have always wanted to see. When it comes down to it, it's all about family and knowing where you come from. 

. . .

...meet Amy...

Name: Amy
Age: 29
City: Lafayette/Boulder

1. What are your biggest goals for 2012?  Getting 500+ followers on my blog...no seriously ;) And (and probably more importantly) raising a healthy, beautiful baby girl in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. 

2. 10 things we'd find if we randomly emptied out your purse?  My purse is now officially a diaper bag and a cute one at that! If you emptied it you'd find...diapers (of course), gum, lip balm, a passport form (just picked it up for the little one), a starbucks receipt, a hooter-hider, JoAnn's coupons, headphones minus the mp3 player..., and a list of upcoming new mom's classes at the hospital...and that just about sums me up!

3. Top 5 most played songs on iTunes? Well, aside from my Bieber Fever of course, I have Death Cab- I Will Follow You into the Dark, Ray LaMontagne- Empty & Jolene, Ellie Goulding- Your Song, Regina Spector - The Calcuation

4. If you were given a round trip ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go, why? Wow! This one is tough...probably Thailand. I have this romanticized idea of Thailand. It seems exotic and something I've never experienced. It would be where I'd chose to go this summer if it wasn't so far from Sweden which is not optional to skip this year. This baby's got to meet her family! I think I'd LOVE  all the food...the vegetarian food anyway :) Asian food is my fav! Someday...someday. For now it looks like our next stops are going to be Iceland, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. But don't think I'm looking for pity, I can't wait to explore these beautiful countries too!

. . .

...meet Sam...

Name: Samantha 
Age: 22
City: Missoula, MT
Blog: threadesque

1. What are your biggest goals for 2012? I would love to take my business to a whole new level of vintage goody-ness! Love more and try to be happy & positive at all times!

2. 10 things we'd find if we randomly emptied out your purse?  Tons of USPS receipts, Burts Bees, red lipstick, Tide to Go (I'm sucha nerd), a mustard wallet stuffed full of cards & change, Newman's Own Ginger mints (my favorite), Marc Jacobs Daisy roll on perfume & a shopping list!

3. Top 5 most played songs on iTunes? Grizzly Bear - Knife, Coconut Records - West Coast, Bon Iver - Holocene, Lana Del Rey - Video games, She & Him - You really got a hold on me

4. If you were given a round trip ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go, why? Anywhere in Norway but I would to bring Donovan (my fiance) with me! I dream about it at least once a month and when I look at photos I'm completely mesmerized! I would travel around the country staying in a cozy cottages, shop for Scandinavian treasures & kayak the fjords! 

. . .

Thanks for stopping by to meet my friends! Take a minute to visit each of their blogs to find out why they're awesome and awkward, what they did in the bathroom, and who they have a crush on!

Happy Weekend!

x o x o


Whats Up, Wednesday

This is a bit overdue but here's what's 'been up' lately, around here!

We replaced our carpet, finally!...but more importantly discovered a new use for the free sample-squares from Home Depot.

I discovered my new gloves resemble a certain slow, shelled creature.

I went whiskey tastin' for my friend Cheri's birthday party! 

We cheered on the Broncos (Tim Tebow!)  in their last few games with appropriately-themed brews.

I went on an interview!

I went on a second interview!!

Then we ate a box of See's... or...most of one.

To my dismay, I admitted Dan was right about my possible shoe "situation"...

We spent a lazy Sunday eating casserole and watching movies.

Cheesy rice, potato, & veggie casserole... perfectly ripe grapefruit.

Thanks for stopping by friends!
Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!
x o x o


Monday's Music to My Ears: Aaron Espe

I first heard the storytelling tunes of Aaron Espe when he opened for this amazing artist last December at a crowded coffee shop in Fort Collins, Colorado. I loved the set he performed that night so we bought two of his albums, "My Whole Life" and "Songs from a Small Town", which his sweet wife was selling at a little fold-up table at the back of the room. Of all the ways to listen to music, sitting in a coffee shop, steps from the tiny stage, with the hum of espresso makers and the chatter of the audience in the background... is my absolute favorite. In high school I spent almost every weekend listening to friend's bands and local artists play at venues around town, which planted the seeds of my passion for music, so I jump at any chance I get to head out to see someone I love play.

Espe has a hushed, hollow voice like Damien Rice and can pick the guitar like Gregory Alan Isakov, and he tells stories about everything from first loves to faith, to growing up in, loving, and sometimes hating his small home town. About half-way through his show, we got the feeling that he was a Christian - which is rather rare in the folk music scene- so when we were buying his cds we kind of lingered a bit too long, almost wanting to ask... for sake of awkwardness, we didn't, but I have to admit that I like very, very few "Christian" artists out there, and his songs are anything but overt, so it was almost like we shared this little subliminal secret that night.

Anyway, I hope you take a minute to listen to this Monday's Music to My Ears by Aaron Espe and may you all have a truly wonderful day!

"Music Man", Aaron Espe

"Moon River" cover, Aaron Espe

"Vacation", Aaron Espe 
(this one isn't the best quality... but you could always buy his cd!) 

x o x o


the Friday five

~five little peeks into this past week~ 

1. The gorgeous and gutsy Etta James passed away this morning. 
~rest in peace, sassy Miss Peaches~
   Lovin' You More Every Day by Etta James on Grooveshark 
  Ooh Poo Pah Doo by Etta James on Grooveshark

2. We finished hanging crown molding in our living room and bedroom. 
The contractor was cute and all, but I prefer my house (and husband!) not covered in sawdust.

3. I took everything out of my closet (again)... then put it all back (again).

4. I found this awesome feather randomly in a Nordstrom dressing room. 

5. I'm convinced the animals had a wild party last night while we were sleeping...
they're all having a hard time waking up it seems. 

Especially Logan... Waking up in the kitchen sink (again)? Not one of his proudest moments. 

Happy Weekend, folks!

x o x o


I Got The Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After what has felt like an eternity of anxious days and restless nights, I am thrilled to announce that I GOT THE JOB!! I am officially the new Social Media Marketing Director for a luxury real estate company here in Denver! 
This opportunity has been an incredible answer to many long months of prayer and has not only confirmed my passion for blogging, writing, and social media as a creative outlet but that pursuing my real estate license was one of the best decisions I could have made in recent months. I just can't tell you all enough how thankful I am for all of the sweet encouraging words you've offered me during this challenging time, but it means so much to me to have such a supportive network of friends and family who constantly motivate me to follow my heart. This opportunity to do something I love is everything I could have hoped for and I'm so excited to see where this new path leads me! 
Of course, I promise to bring you along each step of the way!

Step one... savoring the last few coffee & blogging-filled mornings as slowly as possible.

Step two... swapping out my footwear.

Step three... stocking up on a few new work-wardrobe essentials...

* wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday, friends!!*

x   o    x   o